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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

August 29, 2003
Islanders Respond to Power Shortage

Islanders Respond to Power Shortages

Within minutes of knowing that the August Power blackout might be a major one, islanders reached for their Ice Storm survival kits and their Ice Storm savvy to keep the community operational. Coming home to the island, (and we could come home because power from the ferry itself was used to operate the electrically operated ferry boarding ramp), emergency supplies were on sale at the local stores, generators could be heard operating in the Marysville, and no doubt all over the island and planning was already underway at the Emergency Services Building ( ambulance/fire), the island’s command post, to deal with what could have been a long power outage.
Town Talk turned to power conservation, generating alternative power sources and to wind power as one source. Wolfe Island is considered an optimum location for wind farms.

And, Speaking About Wind Power

Gaia Power Inc.’s Stephen Sottile, Project Officer for The Greater Kingston Trade Winds Project and Rev. Brian Hart, founder and chairperson for Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative were on Wolfe Island recently to discuss Cooperative ownership of the Tradewinds wind project, the benefits from local natural resources and owning asset shares of an island wind farm.
In his presentation Sottile said that Gaia Power is developing a model tying wind power production and demand side management. He reviewed the Trade Winds Project to determine where Kingston can make energy savings ( natural gas, hydro, carbon base line study. A portion of those savings will purchase wind power from a 36 mega watt wind farm (24 turbines) on Wolfe Island. “People who purchase wind power will have a hedge against energy price increases and stable costs for 20 years,” he said
Sottile said the wind study on Wolfe Island has been completed, a preliminary avian study is underway, 1200 acres of land has been optioned, a detailed project design including costs is also complete, an anemometer has been erected on the Base Line Road by Hulton Construction, and a market and Hydro impact study has been done.

What are the challenges? Rate cap till 2006, changing regulatory environment and lack of transmission capacity which increases project costs. Best case scenario: wind turbines constructed in 2004. Worst case: waiting until Ontario energy market stabilizes in 2006.
Following a Q&A period Fr. Brian Harttold a story that concluded with people coming together as a community, “and the cooperative model is the best way I have found to do that,” he said “Cooperatives help people to democratically make decisions for the benefit of all.” He outlined Hearthmakers’ seven principles of cooperative activity (any cooperative) and the values of subsidiarity, solidarity, and the integrity of the web of life. “It is people working cooperatively with people that is the winning idea behind Hearthmakers.
Regarding an island wind power cooperative (share purchases), he noted revenue from energy sales would come back to the shareholders and stay in the community. Hearthmakers is looking for new members and as much participation as possible in the Wind Power Cooperative.
Among other things Hearthmakers is involved in a new Federal Home Energy Incentive rebate program of EnerGuide evaluations of houses.
For more information about TradeWinds and membership in Hearthmakers call 547-8122;

Crime Writer’s Festival
The second annual Wolfe Island Scene of the Crime Writers Festival inspired by Grant Allen, the first Canadian crime writer, brought an impressive list of Canada’s top mystery writers our way.. Lou Allin, Jake Doherty, Rick Mofina, Peter Sellers, Merilyn Simmonds, David Skene-Melvin, Wayne Grady and Therese Greenwood along with W.I. Captain Brian Johnson were all invited to read their Wolfe Island inspired creations. Also reading were islanders Marjorie Bousfield and Renee Marshall and myself.
Lorraine Buck, winner of the short story contest for her story “Hannibal” travelled from PEI to accept her award from Ken Keyes, emcee for the Crime Writers Dinner . Ken of course, had many tales of his own to tell including a recent one about the crypt in the Anglican Cemetery. Ask him about it.
At the dinner were MP for Kingston & the Islands Peter Milliken, MPP John Gerretsen and Mrs Gerretsen, and Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek.
One item that caused a stir at the Silent Auction held during the evening was a box created by Ken Keyes for use as an urn.
Last year’s event focussed on the Crime Writer’s dinner. This year the festival included a writer’s workshop conducted by Violette Malan held at Woodman House, a panel discussion about crime writing in Canada and an in depth lecture about Grant Allen and his body of work presented by David Skene-Melvin at Trinity Anglican Church as well as the dinner.
The success of the event was due in large part to our own Maureen Lollar, Therese Greenwood, Violette Malan and its many sponsors.

A reception sponsored by Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association was held on the beautiful grounds of Wolfe Manor for the many authors converging on the island.
The national media coverage (print, radio, TV) leading up to this prestigious event identified Wolfe Island as a place to stay, with things to do, and properties to buy. The Crime Writers Festival is outlined on the WIBTA’s web site .

Around Town: *Congratulations to Dennis Mosier the Head Judge for the World Championship Plowing Match held in Gueph where he was also the Canadian Flag bearer. Dennis is a recognized judge in Canada, the US and abroad. * Alston Moore Links hopes for some golf in September with the official opening in the spring of 2004. Driving Range operates daily. *Dr. Perry Meir gave a computer to the Early Years Centre and Marysville Public School. *The 1st WI Fire Dept. Tournament at the Riverfront Golf Course was a great success. * Noticed the Corn Maze Craze? Well, the W.I. Corn Maze rates among the first and very best.* Woodman House has been sold.* Canada World Youth needs 2 island host families. Willing? Contact Wayne Greenway at 541-5010, ext. 4666. * Tickets are on sale for the Eagle in front of Mosier’s Service Centre * The Pumpkin Weigh- In is coming. * Incredible view of Mars here on the island. *Will you run in Municipal elections?

Coming Events:
Sept. 13th The Wolfe Island Plowing Match Broederdale Farm 4 kms. South of Marysville, Corner of Con. 7 & Reeds Bay Rd. Registration 9 am Early Bird Class 9:30
Sept. 13th “motor the Island” mini-cooper car club meet.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:44 AM
August 15, 2003
Frontenac Islands Council Opposes Proposed Kingston Zoning By-Law Amendment

Frontenac Islands Council has opposed the application for a zoning by-law amendment made by 1178308 Ontario Limited to permit a 5-storey, 80 guest room hotel at 1 Queen Street until a detailed traffic assessment is completed. 1 Queen Street known as the Queen Street Dock is adjacent to the Wolfe Island ferry terminal in Kingston. Noting that the area is subject to severe traffic congestion council wants the traffic assessment to include the future growth of Wolfe Island bound and departing traffic as well as the increased traffic that could result from this re-zoning proposal.

At the present time a Wolfe Island Ferry Service Traffic Survey is underway by the Ministry of Transportation. (Traffic congestion at the Wolfe Island Ferry Terminal is on the increase, often strung out to Queen Street where increased city traffic from all directions attempts to access the Causeway to the old and new sub-divisions which have spring up in Pittsburg .

Sadly Kingston has yet to include a bridge across the Cataraqui River to ease congestion in its 10 year plan. A Public Private partnership proposal presented to the City of Kingston for a bridge and sewage pipe across the river was rejected a few years ago. )

Congratulations: Gananoque Mayor Thomas and Fire Chief Bennett presented a plaque from the Town of Gananoque to Howe Island’s Fire Chief Mike Quinn and members of the Volunteer Fire Department who had gathered in full uniform at the Howe Town Hall prior to the regular meeting of council.

The plaque acknowledges the 25th Anniversary of the Howe Island Service. “We have a great relationship of working together. You demonstrate the meaning of great friends,” Mayor Thomas said. She commended the Fire Department for their dedication and co-operation with the Town of Gananoque Fire Department. Chief Bennett also expressed his congratulations. In accepting the plaque Chief Mike Quinn acknowledged their reciprocal relationship. “Thank you for the recognition,” he said. Mayor Vanden Hoek noted the Township’s appreciation for the volunteer Fire Service.

Zoning By-Law: Bob Clark of Clark’s Consulting services presented an overview of the proposed Comprehensive Zoning By-Law at a Public meeting held prior to the regular meeting. A group of Howe islanders were present to seek clarification in a number of areas. (Differences between RR,RS1 & RS2 zones, aggregate and mineral resources zones, rural and agricultural zones etc.) After 6 years of official plan work etc. council hopes to pass the Zoning By-Law in September. Copies of the proposed by-law are available at township libraries.

In other Business:
Howe Island Road Restrictions: Council confirmed that they will have an amended version of the by-law available for public review by Aug.20th
Recycling: Frontenac Islands will issue a request for quotes for the purchase, installation and all other costs of a recycling compactor for a 40 yard container.

Livestock Damage: Payments for the loss of animals, 2 lambs, 2 ewes and 11 beef calves were approved for payment. Council meets next on Wolfe Island Sept. 8th at 7:30 p.m.

Around Town:* Many wonderful events have taken place on Wolfe Island recently. One was a Silent Art Auction / Wine & Cheese held at Wolfe Manor, a beautifully restored historic building, now one of the island’s premier B&B’s . Martha Rixten and Rod McDonald offered “The Manor” for the event organized to raise funds for Wolfe Island’s Early Years Centre.

The work of 22 local artists ( 19 from Wolfe Island) was placed around the grounds for viewing. Early Years board members catered and served at the event which raised $4,900. Rod offered tours of the Manor’s main floor.
Words heard: “Let’s do it again, incredible art, spectacular venue, beautiful, elegant”.

*Another successful event was the Bizarre Bazaar featuring handmade goods by Equadorian Artisans at The Factory (former cheese plant)

* The Eclectic Art Exhibition and Sale was another wonderful place to be. So much talent…

*Results of the Wolfe Island Family Ball (27 family teams played) Tournament: A Division Champions: The White Family. B Division Champions: The Hulton Junior Family. Bill Kyle Memorial Trophy: The Kay Greenwood Family (most sportsman like). Next year will be the tournament’s 20th year.

* The winner of the 1st Scene of the Crime short mystery story contest is Lorraine Buck "Hannibal." from Charlottetown, PEI. Buck plans to attend the Crime Writer’s Festival. Other winners both from Kingston are Nicole P. Florent “Shadows on the Wall," in second place; and Terence Cottrell, "The Seduction of Jasper Levir," in third place. The contest -- part of the Scene of the Crime Writers Festival attracted entries from across Canada.

* The annual Acacia Gold Doggy Reunion is always a sight to behold. All that gold in one place… wow. *Is anyone thinking about throwing their hat in the ring for the next municipal election. Mayor Vanden Hoek commented that there are only 3 more council meetings before the election. Time goes so quickly.*

Thanks to the Township for the extended hours at the Land Fill Site. It seems to make life so much better for cottagers and the community as a whole.*Nice to see MTO’s Terry McRae back on the job after a bout of illness..

*And speaking of illness, prayers and only good and positive thoughts go out to our own dear Fr. O’Reilly who is ill. Since visiting is limited we want him to know how much he means to the whole community and how much we miss him. God Bless You Father.

Coming Events:
1. Aug. 20,21,22 Summer Dance Camp, girls & boys, ages 4 & up (dancing, crafts, swimming, fun) Wolfe Island Community Hall 9- 4 p.m. $25 per day (6 days/$125.) Contact Jill 385-2452
2. Aug. 21st Hearthmakers Energy Co-operative Ownership Workshop, W.I. Community Hall 7-9:30 p.m. Are you interested in supporting Hearthmakers and owning asset shares of an island wind farm. For info contact Fr. Hart 547-8122 (
3. Aug. 23rd Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. events all day. Dinner St. Margaret’s Hall 6 p.m. For details:
4. Aug. 23rd W.I. Fire Dept. Golf Tournament @ W.I. Riverfront Golf Course. Dance following. Contact: Joe Taggart 385-2233
5. The Corn Maze on Wolfe Island (right off the ferry on Hwy. 95 - 3.2km) is open till October. The corn is as high as….. Great fun for all ages. Adults $ 7.00 Children $5.00 For more information call(613) 385-1998

Posted by Margaret Knott at 02:02 PM