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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

November 28, 2013
A Blue Christmas Advent Service on Wolfe Island

As the 8 days of Chanukah ((Hanukkah), the Jewish Festival of Lights recalling the liberation of the Jewish people draws to a close, Advent, a season of waiting, that precedes and prepares for the celebration Christmas, the birth of Jesus, observed in many Christian churches is about to begin as always four Sundays before Christmas
Wolfe Island residents have been invited to prepare for Christmas at an Ecumenical Advent service held at one ot the other of the three churches on the Island, WI United, Trinity Anglican or Sacred Heart of Mary RC for a number of years. The Advent service offered an evening of hope and longing, a kind of peaceful preparation for Christmas filled with symbols, traditions, candles, scripture lessons and carols, away from the hustle and bustle of the season outside.
“This year’s service however will be different,” according to Rev, Erin Burns Pastor of Wolfe Island United Church announced recently. “Wolfe Island’s Ecumenical Community is hosting what is called a ‘Blue Christmas service, of Remembrance’ for those who mourn at Christmas “ she said. (Blue Christmas services recognize the feeling of “blues” many people experience at this time of year.)

“ This has been a hard year on Wolfe Island. It seems every week our prayer list gets longer, and our prayers have changed from being for comfort and healing, to being for support for families who have lost loved ones. Grief is felt very widely across a small community such as ours,” she said.

“ When it came time to start looking at our annual Ecumenical Service I remembered a service I participated in on my internship in Lakefield, Ontario. There, the local funeral home hosted a Service of Remembrance for the families they had worked with during the previous year. The local clergy were all involved and the very meaningful service met a deep need in the community. I thought we could offer a similar service here and while we are focusing on the grief we feel in the wake of the loss of loved ones, the service also acknowledges that people experience all sorts of loss that can make Christmas difficult, including loss of employment, loss of health and loss of security.”

Continuing Rev. Burns said, “Society, the media, the songs and stories of this time of year tell us we should be happy and joyful, but we need to remember that at this time of year is not always like that. When we are feeling loss, it can be very hard to celebrate. Our Blue Christmas service of quiet and reflection names this, and lets people know they are not alone. It will be held Sunday, Dec. 8th at the Wolfe Island United Church at 11 a.m. A Collection will be taken for The Bereaved Families of Ontario. For additional information please contact Rev. Erin Burns 613-483-0016

Notice to Users of the Wolfe Island Ferry: Changes to the policy regarding the carriage of Dangerous Goods has resulted in MTO policy changes: **Beginning the week of December 9, 2013 dangerous goods trips will be on: Tuesday: 6:15 a.m. from Kingston and 2:30 p.m. from Wolfe Island Thursday: 6:15 a.m. from Kingston and 11 a.m. from Wolfe Island. There will no longer be a Friday dangerous goods trip. No passengers, will be allowed on the 2:30 pm Tuesday or 11:00am Thursday on dangerous goods trips from Wolfe Island. The operators of empty but un-purged mobile units that previously carried dangerous goods will be permitted to make the return trip. On regular trips, small quantities of substances classed as dangerous goods may be carried in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations: refer to Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations.

Coming Events:. * The Specimen Collection Centre opens at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic, operated by LifeLabs. 8-10 am Friday, December 6, Bring OHIP card and blood test requisition **WI's Christmas Parade, Sun. Dec.8th beginning from the Wolfe Island Fire Hall at 1PM. Hot Dogs & Hot Chocolate at the Fire Hall. For Info/Entries call: Chief Tim Hawkins 385-2829 or Greg Johnson 548-6319 * WI's Ecumenical ‘Blue Christmas’ Advent Service: Sun. Dec. 8th. 11 am WI United Church * Walking program Sacred Heart School, 11:00am - 12:30pm Sunday's * Christmas Story Retold- WI United Church, Dec. 15th, 7 pm Music with Chris Brown and Tami Repath -Admission: a non perishable food item *Community Euchre St. Margaret’s Hall. Thursday’s 7 p.m. *Frontenac Islands Reg. monthly meeting Mon.Dec.9th 6:30 pm Howe Island Municipal Bldg.

Posted by M Knott at 12:14 PM
November 26, 2013
Specimen Collection Service begins at Wolfe Island Clinic

The WI Community Medical Clinic Board continues to look at how the island can provide for the health care needs of island residents without them having to leave the island. Dr. Russell comes weekly first for her patients, followed later the same day by a Walk In clinic open to all island residents. A relationship has been established by the Clinic Board with the Kingston- Frontenac Health Unit, the Kingston Seniors Association and VON to provide certain medical services and health care programs locally. Frontenac County Paramedical Services as well as staffing the island’s ambulance unit offers a Wellness Clinic at the WI Clinic.
This week, the WI Clinic Board in cooperation with Life Labs has announced that a long awaited Specimen Collection Centre will begin operating at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic the first and third Friday morning’s of each month from 8 am to 10 am.
“We reached agreement with Lifelabs, to run a Collection Centre two day’s a month,” Clinic Board member Hugh Cowan said. “Our first session will be on Friday, December 6th from 8:00 to 10:00 am. It will be run by Island resident Rhonda Brown, a Lifelab technician. We are very excited about this new initiative.”

Cowan went on to say that the numbers do not justify a lab, such as Lifelabs setting up a stand alone collection centre on the Island. “Our agreement requires the Clinic to reimburse Lifelabs for their cost of providing the technician to run the collection service (a relatively small cost in the overall scheme of things), and that the Clinic undertake the transportation of the collected samples, (to be prepared and packed for transport by Rhonda) to the Lifelabs' facility in Kingston for laboratory processing and reporting of results to the requisitioning physician in the usual manner, The WI Clinic Board is hopeful that costs to provide the service will be offset through increased charitable donations by those who use it and see its value to the community.

Cowan noted that based on Ministry of Health (2-year) statistics it appears that about 600 individuals with K0H 2Y0 addresses had a total of about 1500 lab tests done per year. “We did not get access as to what specific tests were requisitioned but there are a lot of people who have a number of blood-lab work procedures done each year suggesting things like diabetes, etc. Obviously, not all of those 600 people will use the Collection Centre over here (on the island) but we hope a significant number will, to make it successful,” he said.

“And if and when numbers justify it, there is some flexibility to extend the hours the collection centre will operate. “We believe avoiding having to get into a lab in Kingston for 8am while fasting, will be seen as a major benefit, not to mention an overall reduction in ferry use,” Cowan concluded.

Interesting to note, the Township continues to keep the needs of its isolated seniors (housing , health & social) in mind in its planning and budgetary processes. The WI Clinic Board continues to look for other portable medical services, seeing this approach to Health Care, close to home, as easier on the patient, reducing cars on the ferry, wait times at hospital Emergency and Urgent Care facilities in Kingston, admissions and health care costs. This approach may well be the best way to provide medical and health services in all isolated rural communities in the future.

Frontenac Islands Council News Notes: 1. Contrary to what you may have heard the Township will plough SNOW as required, when required, night or day as always. 2.The Township is considering a resolution to Frontenac County to release ALL the Federal Gas Tax money, both current and past years to the Townships. 3. Council filed a Postal Workers Union letter to the Township promoting banking services in post offices. 4. The MacDonald family wants to dedicate land to the township as a park honouring their parents Don and Mary Frances MacDonald. Frontenac County staff are working with them on this proposal for the future. 5. Councillor Springgay noted in the discussion regarding Simcoe Islands - 9Mile Point Lighthouse with the group hoping to preserve it, that if fundraising is inadequate to maintain it, it will fall to the township. “We have to be prepared.” Mayor Doyle spoke of the project in terms of ‘who does what’ as per the Historical Society and the Township. He requested a copy of the application that was submitted to DFO by the Lighthouse Preservation committee. and requested the application that was submitted to DFO by the Lighthouse preservation group. 6. The township will attempt to comply with terms of accessibility act, establish a township policy, identify a reserve fund and seek assistance from the County. 7. The 3rd reading for the Township’s Sign Bylaw will come up at the next council meeting. * Much activity at the WI rink regarding infrastructure for a roof. Councillor Springgay wonders about public meeting at some point.

Coming Events: ** Commencing Friday, December 6th the Specimen Collection Centre opens for the first time at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic, operated by LifeLabs. TIME:* 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM (*operating the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month). No appointment needed. Bring OHIP card & the blood test requisition provided by your doctor.** The WI Christmas Parade Sunday Dec. 8th at 1 pm commencing from the Fire Hall, Hot Dogs- Hot Chocolate to follow ** The Christmas Story Retold , WI United Church Dec. 15th 7pm Music ( Non perishable food items. please.)**Walk On program Sunday’s 11am-12:30 pm until end March) Sacred Heart School.12:30 pm** WI Christmas Market Dec. 1st 10 am -3pm WI Community Hall

Posted by M Knott at 02:49 PM
November 17, 2013
Remembrance Day on Wolfe Island

To say it was cold is an understatement . To say it was very, very cold and raining hard is the truth . None the less, shivering and shaking to be sure but no one left the Annual Remembrance Day Observance on Wolfe Island. The familiar front row of dignitaries representing the township and the community including Mayor Doyle and Merchant Marine veteran Vern Yott sat waiting to lay a wreath on this special day. Children from both schools also came to lay wreaths, read poems and to listen as the list of Wolfe Islanders, those who lost their lives, and those who served Canada during war, peace keeping and peace making missions was read. In spite of the weather a crowd lined the Town Square.
A large group of RMC Cadets was present, eager and willing in their military participation and the WI community delights in their coming to this very local event. Trinity Anglican’s Rev. Canon Chris Carr offered a reflection while Rev. Gerry Moore read from the Book of Wisdom , Sacred Heart was represented by Brian Scovil, and Liam Douglas played the Last Post. UC Pastor Erin Burns offered the Closing prayer. The event included a four plane Fly-Past over Wolfe Island
Island resident Col. David Patterson, as he has done in the past brought information about an island airman Frank Payne born in 1920 (son of Austin and Nora Hogan) gleaned after attending military events in Europe, specifically Sicily. Frank Payne gave his life in an air campaign leading up to the 1943 Allied landings known as Operation Husky. His name is recorded as missing on an RAF Memorial in Malta. His remains were never found. “ Frank was one of the 42,00 Canadians who gave their lives in WW2. We would do well to remember that each time our country called Wolfe Island answered,” Patterson said.
Special thanks to Sanford family members Pat, M Cpl Jamie and M Cpl Terry Sanford, organizers of the WI Remembrance Day Observance and reception.

Posted by M Knott at 02:33 PM
Busy Agenda at Islands Council Meeting

An early morning Special meeting of Frontenac Islands council dealt with a number of important issues in very short order. The first very important order of business was to appoint once again an Interim CAO/ Clerk/Treasurer in the person of Gordon Burns. Burns retired Clerk CAO at South Frontenac came first to Frontenac Islands for an interim period of time following the retirement of former long time Frontenac Islands CAO Terry O’Shea. (Burns is already on the job.).
A second order of business was the passage of a by bylaw to provide for the appointment of a councillor for Howe Island. As was recently reported long time member of council from Howe Island Pat Norris resigned some weeks ago, Since the time left before the next municipal elections is short, council determined at a regular meeting of council that rather than hold a by election to replace him it was suggested that interested Howe Islanders submit Written Expressions of Interest (including name, contact information and brief resume including why they feel they should be considered for this appointment) in person to the Clerk or designate at 50 Baseline Road, Howe Island, during regular business hours up to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 2nd. Watch for formal published notice. Mayor Doyle commented that a number of citizens have already expressed an interest in serving out the Councillor term. (FYI- The 2014 municipal elections in Ontario, will be held on October 27, 2014. Voters will elect mayors, councillors, school board trustees to a 4 year term of office. Candidate registration opens on January 6, 2014 and ends on September 8th).
Of interest to Wolfe Island residents will be resolutions passed with regard to the WI Arena Roof. At meetings held in September Paul Hogan chair of the WI Community Centre Board spoke of the tenders for the Roof project. It was determined first that there would be negotiations with Custom Forming to find savings to the proposed cost of $73,650 for the concrete framework as recommended by project manager Patrick Thompson. Further, all 5 registered bidders for the Arena’s Structural Steel Roof were to be asked to resend their revised quotations (originally way over budget) based on a revised scope of work in order to bring the price down. The township was also to submit an application for a capital works grant for the roof to Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation and submit a FIT (rooftop solar) Application
So at the November 1st Special meeting Council: 1. accepted the Sydenham Welding bid for the WI Arena Structural Steel Roof in the amount of $444,650.00 plus HST. (Possible completion around end of Feb.) 2. re-submitted the resolution regarding their support for the construction of FIT Projects in the township. The purpose of the resolution is to enable participants in the FIT program to receive priority points only under this program. FIT Program encourages the construction of rooftop solar PV generation “Projects”. 3. Councillor Grant suggested representatives from oil companies meet to see what are best days/times for dangerous goods from their perspective. 4.The HI Baseline Road (unopened road allowance ) Survey was approved. 5, A letter to MP Ted Hsu regarding Transport Canada’s Dangerous Goods ruling. 6.HI Fire Chief Mike Quinn was authorized to sell the 1975 de-commissioned pumper at the best price with funds to HI Fire Capital reserve.
Coming Events: Important Friends of Big Sandy Bay Meeting November 13th, WI Community Medical Clinic 7p.m. * Turkey Supper - St. Margarets Hall Nov. 16th St. Margaret’s Hall Doors Open 4:30 pm… * Foot Care- by appt with VON beginning 9:15 am & a Para medicine Clinic, 1:30 pm, both at WI Medical Clinic Nov. 18th *Wolfe Island's Christmas Market December 1st. WI Community Hall *Community Euchre Thurs.7pm, St. Margaret’s Hall. *Winter Indoor Walking Sacred Heart School Sunday’s 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (till March 30th.)

Posted by M Knott at 02:07 PM
November 13, 2013
A Variety of Issues Face Frontenac Islands Council

Frontenac Island’s Noise By Law was among the first of many items dealt with (not necessarily resolved) at the November meeting of council. WI resident Ken Keyes reminded council that a proposed change to the bylaw ( suggested in October) would limit the sound level to 85(db) decibels emitted 20 metres from source for a continuous period of 5 minutes and is of concern to Annette and Garry Trahan who live next door to the WI Grill where music is an important part of the business.

As it turns out 85 db’s is in the danger zone and requires hearing protection (Ministry of Labour stats) according to Keyes. The Trahan’s are looking for no change to the original by law, or the addition of a section from an Ottawa by law that specifies “times and reasonable decibel levels (45 to 55 db a ). “

On hand was Dr. Paul Carr, (Cornell U) an island land owner, who spoke to the issue on behalf of the Trahan’s, and using decibel metres and a stereo demonstrated the very sensitive sound levels “If you go from 40 decibels to 50, that’s 10 times louder. From 50 to 60 that too is 10 times louder but 100 times louder than 40. Its not arrythmic.” He recommended the Ottawa by law as a model for the township. Casey Fisher owner of the WI Grill said he had begun to make a number of changes within the premises but based on the discussions wonders how it will all work out. At the end of it all there was no firm agreement on what was a reasonable db, or to amend the by law. Council will “take their time to get the right number up or down” and Casey will determine how to get there…

2. WI resident Danielle Hogan came forward to present a request for for a dedication of a potion of Road #95 or the Community Centre or some other means of Honouring the late Timothy O’Shea. O’Shea, the long time Reeve of Wolfe Island (33 years) and Warden of the County was her husband Dan Hogan’s grandfather. During his tenure his accomplishments as a member of Council (1953), and as Reeve included the ferry take over by province, a ferry to Simcoe, a fire hall , a municipal garage, dump, medical clinic, library, and more …Danielle asked Council to consider honouring “Tim O’Shea a wonderful man” for his many accomplishments and for the benefit of future generations and island history. … Many questions arose.. Is there a policy and procedure for this? How about a plaque with some history at the library ?… at the Community Garden ? Medical Clinic? Staff will look at Library and other possible options…
3. Historical Society ‘s Dennis Chercuitte received permission to install the rock and plaque identifying the location of SS School #4.
4. Brian MacDonald , a member of Simcoe Island’s 9 Mile Point Light House Preservation Society came forward with their request that Frontenac Islands Township partner with them to save the historic lighthouse. built in 1833 (fog alarm bldg. etc). They have submitted a business Plan under the provisions of the Heritasge Lighthouse protection Act as required but to have it accepted they need the Township to acknowledge that it willpartner with them as registered owner and insurer of the property and buildings. The Society will assume fund raising and grant searches for operational costs , (maintenance of building and grounds, etc.) and other requirements. They will ask that all environmental issues that may surround the building and property are dealt with and that it meet standards before it is taken over.
During discussion it was pointed out that the township will have to have cost estimates pertaining to everything that relates to the Light House (building, ground maintenance) so that they can begin budgeting for what is required of them now and in the future, in the event of further involvement or complete takeover. Council also requested a copy of the Business Plan submitted as a requirement of the Federal Act. Council wondered aloud whether the Light House should come under the the WI Historical Society’s umbrella? All this to be determined.

FYI- For Your Information: MTO is looking at ways to make things better for the Dangerous Goods ferry situation , that happens on Tuesdays and Friday’s, according to Mayor Doyle . The days may become Tuesday’s and THURSDAY’S instead. Also, the Tuesday return trip to Kingston may become 11 am instead of 2:30 pm. At this time, these are possible options only. As well , it may become possible to allow an established number of vehicles and/or people on the trips back to the city from Wolfe Island.. MTO is working on a procedure with DOT, as to how or if this can be done..
There was more under other business but No room this time.

Coming Events: *Watch for IMPORTANT news from WI Community Medical Clinic next week. * WI’s Christmas Market , WI Community Hall , Dec. 1st, 10-4pm. *WI Community Euchre St. Margaret’

Posted by M Knott at 02:37 PM
November 07, 2013
Itís Time to Start Walking

Every time I go to see my busy doctor, she asks the inevitable question. “How much exercise are you getting ? Do you get up and walk away from your computer on a regular basis? Is it a one or two block walk,? How many times a week?”

I think about her questions often and I do get up and walk away from my computer or from wherever I am sitting.. Using my walking sticks I pace around the house. Downtown I push a cart down stores aisles but I know full well that is not enough And walking on the streets of Kingston I have to keep looking down for fear of tripping and falling… there is little pleasure in that.
So it was wonderful to be reminded by Stephanie Sciberras Physical Activity Specialist with KFL&A Public Health that the Winter Indoor Walking Program which originated with KFL&A is available not only in Kingston but also on Wolfe Island, (where I live), on Sunday mornings.
In the fall of 2012 the Wolfe Island Network for a Healthy Community (WIN) approached KFL&A Public Health indicating interest in hosting an indoor winter walking program on the Island.. Potential sites for the program were reviewed and in partnership with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, Sacred Heart School was secured as the sixth Walk On program site. A group of five volunteers was trained and the walks officially started in February of 2012.
The Wolfe Island program began its second winter season last week. and is offered every Sunday between November and the end of March from 11 a.m. to 12:30p.m
In Kingston it is available at three venues, the Memorial and INVISTA Centres and LaSalle Secondary School, as well as at Perth Road Public School Inverary, and Napanee District SS , in some cases twice a week, at different times and on days other than Sunday “ all in safe, free, and social walking environments.”
This year to provide additional motivation, walkers are participating in a Walk Across Canada challenge where every step taken counts towards meeting their goal of walking between St. Johns Newfoundland Tofino British Columbia. Walks are free, open to all ages and there is no registration required. For more information, call 613-1232, ext. 1180.

I’ve No excuse now. It is time to start Walking!

Posted by M Knott at 02:11 PM