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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

September 29, 2005
A First Ride’n’Stride for Cancer Rearch held on Wolfe Island

The Frontenac Lennox and Addington Unit of the Cancer Society held its 1st annual Ride’n’ Stride for Cancer research on Wolfe Island.

Registration for the well organized event began at the Town Hall at 7:30 am where Cancer Society leaders Cheryl Bird, Kate Graff, Cancer Society and community volunteers including members of the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association and the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute were on hand to greet local and Kingston Ride’n’Stride participants. Local musician Robert Graham provided rousing early morning music. Food and beverages were available from the WI Women’s Institute.

Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek in welcoming participants said that Wolfe Island was the perfect place to hold such events. “We always have the generous support of the island’s businesses and a community willing to volunteer and participate. I want this event to grow to become a major fund raiser for the fight against cancer.” (The mayor and his daughter Amanda chose to bike the 10 km course.)

Director Cheryl Bird reminded the small crowd that had come to run, walk or bike that the Cancer Society organization is not government funded so that Ride’n’Stride is one of many important, annual fund raising events for cancer research. “Let’s make cancer history,” she said.

The 5km- 10km (walk, ride, bike) ended at the Walker Corn Maze on hwy # 95. where everyone was free to roam the beautiful grounds, enjoy array of snacks and go through the Corn Maze itself.
St. Lawrence College Apprentice Chef, Peter Millar, was at the BBQ. Liz Crothers won a prize for the most money committed in pledges.

Runners and walkers were returned to Marysville by White’s horse drawn wagons. As always an OPP officer and an ambulance and crew were on stand by.

Special Thanks to WIBTA’s Linda Thomas, the Event Chairperson, Corn Maze owners, Garth and Maryanne Walker and to all who stepped forward to make the first Ride’n’Stride a success. The event raised over $5000 for Cancer research.

Wolfe Island Medical Clinic Benefits from Fox Hound Association Field Trials:

The Wolfe Island Fox Hound Association in collaboration with the W.I. Wild Life Association recently sponsored Ontario’s only outside Field Trial at Big Sandy Bay and adjacent property on Wolfe Island. The Island is known as a place for successful dog trials. Field dog trials and hunter retriever clubs come to train and test dogs because of its natural terrain and wetlands.

The fee for the use of Big Sandy Bay for the event was waived by the Big Sandy Bay Committee, when, as a token of appreciation, the Wolfe Island Fox Hound Association and the Wolfe Island Wildlife Association each left a $500.donation for the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic. The Clinic has experienced net losses in the last two years and has begun a fund raising program.

The Field Trial brought together more than 200 persons and 120 hounds from Canada and the United States. Judges, 14 in all, were from Virginia, Ottawa, Kingston and Wolfe Island. Island judges included Tom O’Reilly, Ian Martin and Larry Greenwood. Spotters were positioned at the edges of the trial site to prevent hounds from running onto roads or land not open to hunting, to open and close gates and to prevent any damage.

The event included a Dog Bench Show Thursday; a BBQ Friday, a banquet on Saturday and the presentation of the awards on Sunday. The 1st Place Derby went to Terry Watt. The 1st place All Age Award went to Craig Gifford.

Hospitality and good will are all part of the event where landowners allowed the Field Trial on their properties. Lunches were offered at the site. Ernie’s Lunch opened early for breakfast, which was much appreciated by the judges. Cottage owner’s rented out accommodation for the weekend and Island businesses welcomed the return of the Fox Hunters and the annual revenue they bring to the island. The W.I. Fox Hound Association extends thanks to all for the success of the 2005 Field Trial.

Stewardship Planning
A Stewardship Planning Information Session sponsored by the Frontenac Stewardship Council was held on Wolfe Island.

The notice for the session asked the question: Do you see your property as a home for wildlife, recreation, a source of income, or a combination of these and other values and offered Stewardship Planning as a way to achieve them.

Tracy Moore, an Environmental Stewardship Consultant told the 25 landowners present about the benefits of stewardship planning and gave examples of how to plan for long-term activities that care for the land. Attendees received the Guide to Stewardship Planning for Natural Areas, a Ministry of Natural resources publication as well as other information and resources.

Ms. Norma O'Shea was among three local landowners who have already completed stewardship plans with the assistance of the FSC. She had high praise for the plan and for the assistance she received to complete it.

Linda Van Hal, a Frontenac Stewardship Council member and meeting organizer, encouraged those in attendance to “spread the word, talk to your neighbours, let them know about the resources that are available.”

For more information about stewardship planning, contact Bret Colman, Stewardship Coordinator, MNR (613) 531-5714.

Around Town: After the 2nd World War, Dutch immigrants came to Wolfe Island, many had experienced the liberation of their homeland by the Canadians.. The W.I. Womens Institute is holding a gathering Wed. Oct.5th Sacred Heart School to raise awareness of the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland with Lt. Colonel David Patterson who attended anniversary events and Island residents who lived in Holland at the time of the liberation. They will share their experiences. It should be a wonderful evening of remembering. * The Pumpkin Weigh-In has grown to be one of the island’s favourite family events. The pumpkin categories are many plus other prize events. (Looney per entry) Fun includes wagon rides, games for kids, bake tables, air castle, clowns, music by Robert Graham and more.

Coming Events:
1. Wed. Oct. 5th at 7:30 pm. Sacred Heart School Gym A 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland Program . Admission: non-perishable food item.
2. Sat. Oct. 8th Great Pumpkin Weigh In and Festival at the Wolfe Island Town Square, 11am.
3. Friends of Big Sandy Bay BOOK SALE Sat. Oct. 8th &9th, 10- 4:30 pm Old Fire Hall
4. Sun. Oct. 9th Thanksgiving Service Christ Church Anglican (15th Line) 9:15 am.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:38 AM
September 15, 2005
Wolfe Island Residents Unhappy with Trailer By-Law

Frontenac Islands Council heard many reasons at their September meeting why the rules governing trailers, in the municipality’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law 28-2003 need to be clarified and changed.

Residents filled the room where Mrs. Lynne Moore presented a signed petition to amend the by-law 28/2003 for fair an equitable use of residential properties to include their use for seasonal and recreational purposes and to allow storage of trailers for this purpose on vacant land or residential property.

A caveat to the original petition was added by property owner Howard Stone that the residential designation should remain with no allowance for permanent use of trailers; the seasonal designation should reflect the reality of seasonal activity and allow trailers and all property owners should retain the right to store trailers along with a grandfather clause to protect existing users until a property changes ownership.

Mrs. Moore is looking for a clearer definition of trailers, mobile homes etc. and wants council to re-work the bylaw and give consideration to what summer residents contribute to the community.

Councillor Calvin commented that it is a quality of life issue. “In my mind all residents including summer residents who live in trailers share in everything the municipality has to offer yet in some cases due to the structure of taxation they, in effect, have a trailer that they use as a full time cottage and they don’t share the same burden of taxation. The problem is disparity. When the trailer stays all year it is not fair. Grandfathering has to be fair ,” he said.

Mayor VandenHoek also noted that there is an assessment issue. “Trailers have an impact and dampen assessment values.”

Howe resident Heather Lippert commented that some trailers are worth more than some small houses.

All councillors agreed there is a need for fairness in taxation, property standards and a consistency of position regarding trailers and bylaw enforcement however, they are not keen to change the bylaw.

Deputy Mayor Hobbs wonders whether the original bylaw on Howe is still in effect. Council will seek clarification of some of the points and definitions made by Mrs Moore and Hobbs with the township’s solicitor and return to the subject at the November meeting on Wolfe Island.

Council acting as a committee of Adjustment heard and approved a number of applications for consent. Council also heard applications for Zoning Bylaw amendments. However in the application made by Mary Jane Murphy to sever 5 acres to be zoned rural from a 145 acre parcel, W.I. resident Linda Bruckmann is not happy. Although the application meets frontage and area requirements of the Zoning By Law, a 60 foot waterfront lot would be created. Bruckman who owns adjacent land, is concerned about docks and building on the 60’ lot. Murphy will consider amending the application to eliminate the 60’section. Council will reconsider the application in October.

In other business:
Terry Shea from the Land O’Lakes Tourist Association came looking for Frontenac Islands (presently not included) to be included in their tourist maps and brochures, which of course comes at a cost. “Without council’s endorsement Howe and Wolfe Islands’ can not be part of our marketing plan,” he said. Cost to amend map, $1,200; small ad $225, page ad $675. Mayor Vanden Hoek suggested discussion with Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association and will present a decision at the October council meeting to meet LandO’Lakes deadlines.

Ray Vrandenberg representing the Driscoll family wants to access a landlocked piece of property (once a family working farm) to build a residence and to do so came asking permission to build a road, at his cost, on Fuller Road (Lot 19) off the Baseline on Howe Island. “We are appealing to you to let us do something. Building a road would certainly benefit adjacent land owners. We need you to identify the road and your permission to build it to your standards and maintain if that is what we have to do. It would be a win-win situation in the future for the township and landowners,” he said.

“If we open one, how many others, ”Councillor Norris commented. Deputy Mayor Hobbs, as an adjacent property owner, declared a pecuniary interest and left the council chamber. A discussion took place with the township saying the cost of surveying, opening the road and maintaining it would be the applicants.

The Township will undertake a site visit with the staff, the Road Superintendent and Councillor Norris and will seek the advice of the Township Solicitor to see if this is a viable proposition and craft a reasonable set of conditions to satisfy the applicant.

Heather Lippert an adjacent landowner noted the land is zoned rural according to the Official Plan and one could expect that with a road, development would happen bringing in revenue to the Township referring to the Shore Acres road development on Wolfe Island.

Many payments made for the loss of livestock. Council and staff Mileage rates increased to $0.40 per km. W.I Medical Clinic Lottery License approved. October Council Meeting on Howe Island.

Around Town: The Wolfe Island Early Years Drop In Centre Inc. has received $25, 000 from the Trillium Foundation. The grant is for one year to develop a structured volunteer program, a sustainability program for the Centre, and for modifying existing services.. The Centre is urgently looking for volunteers, and board members. For information: Emily at 385-8505. *Steve MacIntosh owner of the Wolfe Island Bakery proudly welcomes his daughter Melissa to the business as the Pastry Chef. The Queen Street Bakery has expanded to include a new restaurant* The water level is 8 inches lower than at the same time last year. .* Howe Islander’s were saddened by the sudden death of long time Township ferry operator Don Foley. Howe is looking into setting up a Rate Payers Association.

Coming Events:
1. Sat. Sept. 24th.Register at the Wolfe Island Town Hall for the Cancer Society’s Great Ride & Stride at 7:30 am or Register, Pledge, Sponsor at The event ends at the Corn maze with a BBQ at 12 noon.
2. Sat. Oct. 1st WIBTA’s Photo Contest Winners Event at the Community Hall at
3. Wed. Oct. 5th at 7:30 pm. Sacred Heart School Gym A 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland Program with Lt. Col. David Patterson. Admission: non-perishable food item.
4. Sat. Oct. 8th the Great Pumpkin Weigh In and Festival at the Wolfe Island Town Square
5. Sun. Oct. 9th Thanksgiving Service Christ Church Anglican (15th Line) 9:15 am.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:27 AM
September 09, 2005
Paddling Against Aids in South Africa

Paddling enthusiasts recently paddled the 47 miles around Wolfe Island to raise awareness and money to counter Aid’s ravages in South Africa.

This year’s 8 paddlers raised $2,300 through the generosity of some two hundred island citizens and others. The money will be contributed to the Anglican Church of Canada’s ‘Fight Against Aids in South Africa’ through the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund.

Rev. Canon Chis Carr, Pastor at Wolfe Island’s Trinity Anglican Church, also one of the paddlers, announced the amount at a recent ‘get together’ potluck supper.

This years paddlers included Yelda and Pam Meidema (Simcoe Island) , Maggie Crothers and Chris Carr, Bernard and Claire Muller (Wolfe Island), Diane Mensch with Nika Farahani ( Kingston), also James Wing (Kingston) who kayaked part way. They ranged in age ranged from the thirties to eighty nine. Their message: “Look for us again next year, folks. We will be back. “

This year’s $2,300, raised in what will now become an annual island event, is nearly five times what was raised when four paddlers, in a first time “Paddle Round Wolfe Island “ trial event raised $422. for the Fight against Aids.

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards the fight against AIDS can do so by contacting the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) at1-888-308-7973. Email:

Posted by Margaret Knott at 07:13 AM