by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 20, 2011
It's that dreaded time of year on Wolfe Island

Island residents are watching water levels and hoping against hope that it gets no lower than it is right now, particularly those living in Marysville and to the west. Inevitably lower water levels mean that the Wolfe Islander III will leave the MTO dock in Marysville and move to the MTO dock at Dawson Point until next spring. (Although over the years, the ferry has sometimes remained in the village through the fall and winter months.)

When the ferry moves out of the Marysville, village residents suffer as do village businesses. Village residents, particularly those without any other form of transportation who must find ways of getting to the winter dock, and businesses, because of the loss of traffic in and to the village.

However it is important to also note that the slow-down begins not just with the re-location of the ferry but naturally after the Thanksgiving weekend marked by the departure of most summer residents, a slow down in visitors, the closure of a WI Bakery's summer location in Marysville (except on special occasions) as well as the Island Grill. The Horne's ferry goes out of service after Oct. 26th until May 1, 2012 although for us and Kingston, it is our international link. In fact, with the new Metal Craft Marine USA location opening at Cape Vincent, Metal Craft has asked that Cape Vincent be declared a Commercial Port of Entry.

(To be perfectly fair however, there are many residents living east of Marysville who welcome the move to the winter dock for many reasons, primarily shorter driving and wait times.) So for the present it is a waiting game. Will the Wolfe Islander III stay where it is? Will it move? If so, when? But whatever happens, life on the island goes on.

  • For instance, the Township of Frontenac Islands has announced that a “Special” meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov.8th at 1pm at the WI Town Hall with a rather interesting agenda billed first as a a 'meet and greet' session with Ted Hsu, MP for Kingston & the Islands. MP Hsu has indicated his desire to meet, discuss and work together with Municipal Council to address federal requirements and concerns the township now has, and those that may come up in the future. The 2nd agenda item will be the final presentation of the updated “Official Plan” by Planner Glen Tunnock before a final vote on the plan is taken at the regular November meeting of Council Monday Nov. 14th .

“It would be good to have people out, and hopefully we have enough chairs for those who do come, ” Mayor Doyle commented. “It is difficult during the day but with the double draw of our MP Ted Shu and the final presentation of the Official Plan people have been waiting for, we might just get a big crowd.”

Council will prepare a list of priority items for discussion, and question the availability of Federal Infrastructure Funding for some of them. At the same meeting Council also plans to deal with minor budget updates related to roads and begin discussions on the Procedural By-law Update.


  • Congratulations to Eldon and Sandra McCready, owners of the Wolfe Island Riverfront Golf Course who were the recipients of a Vision Award for the Township of Frontenac Islands from the Land O'Lakes Tourist Association (LOLTA). LOLTA celebrates new innovative businesses in the nine municipalities where they operate, with their biennial Vision Awards. This year, 2011 marks the fourth time awards have been presented. Winners are selected from the nominations received from the nine municipalities. Mayor Doyle was on hand for the presentation.

*Award-winning Canadian journalist, Kim Lunman of Brockville, whose company Thousand Islands Ink produces and distributes Cottage Life magazine, was the guest speaker at the Wolfe Island Historical Society's AGM. Her topic, “Confessions of an Island Crasher.” Lunman has taken pictures, written about and produced brilliant full colour publications highlighting many of the islands within the Thousand Islands. She has visited well known islands, some islands not so familiar, others deserted with historic empty buildings and exciting stories to uncover. Lunman's interesting presentation encouraged the ongoing efforts of the Historical Society to uncover Wolfe Island stories. The newly named executive and board of the WI Historical includes: President Denis Chercuitte, Vice President Hank Connell, Secretary Judy Greenwood Speers, Past President/Treasurer Brian MacDonald, Brian Johnson, Theresa Broeders, John O'Shea.

  • The Wednesday “Lunch Bunch Trip Around the World Series” organized as part of the “Wolfe Island Network (WIN) for a Healthy Community” project and held at the United Church Hall had some 2 dozen folks out to hear about David Field's long trip to India, view his pictures and listen to his informative and sometimes hilarious stories. The “Lunch Bunch” Series meets each Wednesday at 11:30 until December 14. Bring a sandwich and a friend. Next up Alaska and then Scotland'. * Quilting Classes (another WIN initiative) have begun. Ten students are being mentored by experienced island quilters as they make their first quilted project. For more information contact: Linda Van Hal 613-385-1521


1. Pumpkin Fest, Sat. Oct. 29th at the Wolfe Island Town Square Registration @ 11 a.m. Winners announced @ 1p.m. For more info:

2. A Turkey Supper & Craft Sale will be held at the Wolfe Island United Church Hall, Sat., Oct. 29th . Doors Open at 4:30 p.m.

3. Spiritual Heart Yoga and Meditation Retreat , Oct. 28-30th For further information and to register for all programs at Shanti Retreat on Wolfe Island, 613-385-9912

4. A 'Flu Shot Clinic', open to all residents of Wolfe & Simcoe Islands will be held on Saturday, Nov. 5th, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic, 102 Hwy. 95. Bring your valid Health Card.

Posted by M Knott at 08:50 AM
October 06, 2011
Frontenac Islands accepts Frontenac County's bid to provide Planning Services

Frontenac Islands Council authorized the signing of an agreement with Frontenac County for the provision of Planning Services at their September meeting. A further resolution requiring applicants to pre-consult (at no extra cost)with the municipality before submitting a planning application was also accepted. Peter Young, Frontenac County Community Planner and Marian Vanbruinessen, Frontenac County Treasurer, were present to discuss the County proposal. “This agreement will allow more direct contact with the Planning Services,” Mayor Doyle commented. (Deputy Clerk/ Treasurer Carol Dwyre is the township's Planning Co-ordinator). The agreement will come into effect October 1st. “Sounds to me like a win-win all the way around,” to Deputy Mayor Jones added.

  • Paul Hogan, Chairman of Wolfe Island's Community Centre Board presented an 'up-date' on the installation of the refrigeration unit for the island's NHL sized rink which has been installed in the nearly completed building beside the rink. The building was left open at one end to accommodate the unit and to complete interior work, insulation, connecting pipe, etc. (Bringing water and power to the unit, while ongoing, will still take some time.) A CIMCO engineer will set up the low maintenance unit which they will also service, according to Hogan and a CIMCO representative will also come to teach a number of people (4-6) how to use the equipment and what to do in case of an emergency. “It's a matter of pushing buttons most of the time ,” he said. The work will be completed in 2-3 weeks. The Community Centre Board is a sub- committee of Council and operates the Community Centre grounds located at the south side of Marysville on Wolfe Island.
  • Rebecca and Mike Kinney, Anne Prichard, FCFDC, and Linda Thomas, WIBTA president were present to discuss a request to make an application for a grant for accessible washrooms for the Community Hall. The Kinney's who have operated a theatre in Sackets Harbour indicated their interest in establishing themselves on Wolfe Island and opening a theatre possibly in the Community Hall. They plan to submit a theatre proposal at a later date and indicated that Pat Sanford who operates the Stone Heron Gallery supports the idea. The Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association will submit an application to meet a early deadline on behalf of the Township to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for an accessibility grant for the Wolfe Island Community Hall.

*Road Speed bylaw: “I have heard many complaints about speeding in the village and a change is in order,” Mayor Doyle said. While it is costly to bring in the police to deal with speeding issues Council passed a resolution to reduce the speed on the Main Street of Marysville from 50 km to 40 km per hour. “Speed limits are within our realm to change,” Deputy Mayor Jones added. “On Howe Island some residents are saying 80 km (virtually unenforced)is too fast and I totally agree.”

*Payment Voucher: Councillor Springgay had concerns that road work going way over budget on both Howe and Wolfe. “We did a lot of work on this during budget deliberations and it shouldn't happen.” It was suggested that no more overtime be authorized.

“It is all about process,” Dep. Mayor Jones said renewing his complaint about an overstock of gravel and an overpayment ($5000) for 10 km of road on Howe. “If it wasn't the roundup of the work, I would be complaining too.”Councillor Norris added.

*Priority Boarding: Council will ask the Ministry of Transportation to continue to grant priority boarding on the ferry for agricultural commodities as it has since 2009 as well as for a complete list of all who presently receives priority to board the ferry. At the same time Councillor Springgay said that she has been receiving complaints about the 'Septic Solutions' truck receiving priority boarding and not being there the required 20 minutes before the ferry leaves and having priority on the return trip from the city. (Septic Solutions makes between 3-4 trips a day during the summer season and services the WI Information Centre which offers the township's only directly supported public washroom.) Priority Boarding will also be an October agenda item.

  • WI Island resident Linda Van Hal asked to use Craft room in Community Hall to offer classes. Wants to use portable generator to heat. Options to be considered.
  • Council proclaimed Wednesday October 26, 2011, as Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day.

There is much discussion regarding an application for a demolition and building permit request where there already is and has been for some time a trailer. The trailer issue is on the minds of all members of council with Councillor Norris reminding members that Howe Island has Trailer bylaw which works well while Wolfe Island does not. Property Standards was also part of discussion. Building permits do have a time frame (as do demolition permits) but are renewable and will be discussed with Building Inspector. All soon to be on Council agenda.

Again brought forward by Deputy Mayor Jones, the question of Municipal Insurance took up a portion of the meeting (all to be reviewed , also with County before next budget), also signage bylaws, sign removal from township sign posts and Line painting on Howe (ferry to ferry) Cost of latter to be looked at now.

Councillor Springgay concerned about garbage not picked up during music festival said person supposed to do the job is doing a second job that took priority .”We need to get back key to Recycling Centre from him, issue no more keys, and hire someone to do the job during “dump open” hours.

Councillor Grant was concerned with WI library painting costs ($6000) Staff to check.
The meeting ended following an in camera session.
Congratulations to Dave Woodman and Hunter Chown did very well at the International Plowing Match. For coming events Check Out:
Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, Frontenac Island Council meets next Tuesday Oct. 11th on Howe Island at 6:30 pm

Posted by M Knott at 07:35 AM