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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 27, 2016
Running More and More Popular

That’s what spring, summer and fall, and even the winter are all about in our part of the world - Kingston and the Islands. From early spring runners begin training and are visible on the streets of Kingston, on Howe, Wolfe and Amherst Islands, and areas in between, preparing for the many races coming up during the summer months and yes, the winter months too.
On Howe, islanders prepared for the first KRRA-(Kingston Road Runners Association ) Howe Island 8K Hustle, a run for all ages, and a kids (12 and under) 1-mile race, in early May in support of the HI Baseball/Recreation Fund. It was the first of the three island races known as the “tri-island” series that also includes this year, the (36th annual) Wolfe Island Classic 5k-10 k, always held the July long weekend, (walk if you can’t run) in support of the WI Community Medical Clinic , and the 4th Edition of the 5k-10k “Wooly Bully Races” to be held August 14th on Amherst Island, in support of extracurricular activities at Amherst Island Public School. Along with points, ‘Finisher’ medals will be awarded after this 3rd island race to those who completed all three races. Race results are available

2. Congratulations to Howe Island Resident: Recently Frontenac Islands Howe Island District , Councilor Bruce Higgs, expressed his satisfaction with the races held on Howe Island over the years and especially with the accomplishments of one of Howe Island’s citizens, Deb Holtom. “We are very proud of Deb, our friend and neighbour who has achieved and won many medals for her running abilities,” he said. Deb has also assisted in the organisation of the Howe Island races over the years as well as running in them.

Holtom, who began her running experience in her early fifties now runs in the 60-69 age category. She completed the Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon (42.2km) at the end of May, “ a very hot and humid day and finished in 4:03.,” she said. “ Ottawa Race Weekend is a major international event attracting elite runners from all over the world. There were 42,000 runners that weekend,” she added. Deb’s most recent race was at the Calgary Stampede Half Marathon (21.1km) on July 10th. “I finished in 1:49:44 and placed first in my age category as well. I also placed 25th out of 307 female runners.”
Holtom has done well in all of her races over the past few years and continues to improve her race times. She placed first in her age category in the KRRA series as well as first overall in the age graded standings. Deb will compete in the final Wooly Bully Races in the “tri-Island series” Aug. 14 on Amherst Island.

FYI Some interesting stats from the WI Classic Road Race indicate that runners came from a variety of places including: Vermont, Hawaii, Ohio, Quebec, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, New York, South Carolina, Connecticut, Maryland, Manitoba, North Carolina, and of course, Ontario.

3. At the same time AS ALL THIS RUNNING IS GOING ON, the Wolfe Island Boat Club season is in full operation offering kids programs, rowing, sailing, Dragon boating, canoeing, kayaking as well as preparing for the regatta in August. The Club’s mandate is to promotes small boat activities, powered by oar, paddle, or sail. And how wonderful it is to see so many boats in the bay, and the enthusiasm of the youngest sailors in particular.

4. Around Town:** Congratulations go out to Kingston Rowing Club athletes who won four medals, including two golds, at the Ontario Rowing championships, because they must be good, AND because one of their number includes Wolfe Islander Kristina Walker. The gold medalists were Chloe DesRoche in senior women’s singles, and the senior women’s four of Cassidy Deane, Heather MacMillan, Jenna Adams and Kristina Walker. Adams and Walker also won silver medals in the under-23 women’s pair. Kristina is a member of MTO’s team of hardworking students directing ferry traffic on Wolfe Island and in Kingston this summer. She is undertaking a 25 k fund raising run on Wolfe Island, Sat. August 20th in support of WI Heroes (victims of cancer). You can join her and/or donate in support of Kristina’s efforts in-person, or by calling UHKF at 613-549-5452 or a gift online. *** The lack of rain is extremely worrisome, farmers are deeply concerned, wells are at risk, ponds are drying up, cisterns are empty, etc… water trucks come regularly. **Very busy ferry every day. …

Coming Events: A 25km Run for WI Heroes Sat. Aug. 20th 9 am. Make a donation Join the Run. ***WI BOAT CLUB 11th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta Sun. Aug. 21st.

Posted by M Knott at 12:43 PM
July 21, 2016
A Run for Wolfe Island Heroes

A few days ago at the ferry dock in Kingston, Kristina Walker, one of MTO’s hard working summer employees, stopped by our car during a pause in regulating traffic. She wanted to talk about a personal project she has undertaken. On August 20th, Kristina, daughter of Maryanne and Garth Walker (WI Corn Maze) will be running 25km in support of local residents of Wolfe Island battling cancer, and collect donations for the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario. What she wanted to talk about was her reason for the undertaking the race, clearly identified in the notices of the race posted on the ferry, on the internet etc.. “Cancer affects everyone. During the past few years we have witnessed a growing number of our friends, family and neighbours bravely fighting this terrible disease. In a small community like Wolfe Island, the sudden tragedy of cancer striking one of our friends has left many of us feeling helpless and wanting to show our support in a positive way.” Adding, on this occasion, ”Wolfe Island Heroes and many so young.”
Kristina Walker invites everyone to join her on August 20th at any point in the 25km run ( to walk, run, bike) as much as they can to show support for these “Wolfe Island Heroes.” The run, dedicated to all Islanders who have fought or are still fighting cancer, and to those who have lost their lives to this tragic disease, begins at 9 am from the foot of Wolfe Island and will end in Marysville where, in partnership with Fargo’s General store, a BBQ will follow at 12 noon.
Donations will be collected online through people sponsoring runners and during the event. Pledge forms are also available to anyone who wish to raise funds or seek sponsorship for their portion of the run, walk or bike. If anyone is interested in getting involved, volunteers are needed to make the event run smoothly. Email with any questions.

Please note, proceeds of the run will be donated directly to the Kingston Cancer Clinic (University Hospitals Kingston Foundation). The UHKF was created in 2005 as the joint fundraising arm of Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston General Hospital and Providence Care amalgamated (2014), with the foundations at each of the hospitals creating the new UHKF organization, responsible for fundraising, granting, distribution and reporting. You can donate in support of Kristina Walker’s efforts in-person, or by calling UHKF at 613-549-5452 or by making a gift online.
2. Stones and Stained Glass: Special Collection
A recent bulletin announcement about Wolfe Island’s Sacred Heart of Mary Church, by Pastor Fr. Raymond de Sousa, outlined the work that has been done over the years to maintain the church in good order, a beautiful church as Father put it “which previous generations built and maintained”, and the need for a parish “Stones and Stained Glass” Special Collection. He noted the most recent stone work done by the late Gerald Eves in 2013, with some work remaining, along with trough and drain replacement, all of which will require a lift. The Marian Grotto stonework is completed. It will be re-dedicated Sun. Aug. 28 after Sunday Mass. Stone work at all old stone buildings is a regular requirement.
But it was the news that the stained glass windows need care that came as a shock. Anyone who has ever been inside the church can’t help but notice their outstanding beauty. “Three of them (blue background colour) need rebuilding due to significant warping or bowing, one in the chapel, and two windows on the east wall on either side of the church entrance. Further work is required in the main church around the windows, where they open and close, wooden window sills, window sashes and encasements. Repairs for all of this will cost in the thousands of dollars”.
I remember my first visit to Sacred Heart of Mary Church. I was struck immediately by its beauty, the obvious care it received and the pride of the parish community (many relatives of those whose generosity and hard work built it), who continue to maintain it. The work will get done Ask about its history when you visit the Old House Museum on Wolfe Island.

Around Town:* It is surprising how busy the ferry is these days at most times of day on both sides.. and the number of service vehicles coming and going. No rain means many wells and ponds are going dry. Water trucks keep arriving.

Coming Events: ** Fish Fry St. Margaret’s Hall July 29th, 4:30 – 7:00 pm Adults $15.00 Under 12- $6.00 Take-outs. Cash only at the door **ART SHOW Blow Out Sale Paintings by Linda Sutherland July 30,31,Aug.1 @ The WI Grill 10 am to 5pm. Questions; call 613 385 2710. ***Friends of Ferals Garage Sale July 30th. To donate call Cheryl 613 385-1443. **A 25km Run for WI Heroes Sat. Aug. 20th 9 am. Make a donation Join the Run. ***WI BOAT CLUB 11th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta Sun. Aug. 21st.

Posted by M Knott at 12:35 PM
July 19, 2016
Frontenac Islands Audit Report --Presented at July Meeting

The July 11th meeting of Frontenac Islands Council may have marked the last meeting where KPMG’s Senior Manager Vicki Leakey presents the township’s 2015 Consolidated Financial Statements and audit report. Rumours of Vicki’s retirement have surfaced before, so one never knows, nor does she for sure. Presenting a “clean” audit report, she had some good things to say, some cautionary and some recommendation. Cash, investments and receivables were $4.4 million, an increase of $120,000. from last year and liabilities totaled $1.8 million, down slightly. Revenues were $4 million, up $400,000 from 2014 and expenses, including depreciation of $1.3 million, totalled $4.5 million. Overall reserves at year’s end were $3.0 million and represented 85 % of operating expenses. Leakey was presented with a small gift by Mayor Doyle as a reminder with thanks, for her many years of service to the township. “You are welcome here any time, Vicki,” Doyle said. With Vicki on this occasion, was KPMG partner Lori Humber.
In other business council approved the appointment of Marcelle Lavigne as Chief Building Official, and Ken Barrington as Building Inspector, for the township. A 6-year period has elapsed and the purpose of the new by-law is to remove the “acting” from the Chief Building Official’s title and to confirm the Building Inspector position.
Council adopted a Limited Service agreement, for limited maintenance (road grading), on private roads to address numerous requests. (important word here is limited.)
Public Works Manager Rob Dillabaugh, as always, had interesting report that included what had been going on, what is to be completed, and what’s planned for. This time he noted that roadside grass cutting, up to many fence lines, has made it easier for drivers to see deer coming. Ongoing work includes planning for work at Simcoe Island ferry docks; stump grinding, to start once tree cutting is completed on Howe; the WI Community Hall (behind the Town Hall) project for accessible wash rooms and ramp upgrades requires toxic substances remediation done; the water line for the WI Seniors project and Fire Hall is 95% complete; Howe Island surplus equipment is posted on HI web site; HI Drive next for shoulder work.
CAO Plumley reported the water line and road survey as completed, the letter of intent for land transfer under review, and the Division St. extension design completed for the Seniors project. The paving work will also include rebuild of sidewalks ( 2 corners) to Marysville dock and Rd. #96 (accessible)
The material. prepared for Frontenac Islands Mayor Doyle, Councillor Springgay and CAO Plumley’s July 4th meeting with MPP Sophie Kiwala ,was included. It expressed council’s concerns with elements of MTO’s Environmental Assessment Preliminary Design Study and has been forwarded to MTO Senior Project Manager Tina White with a request for a Special Meeting of Council to review those concerns with them. The WI Ward Ferry Committee is concerned with the magnitude of the massive shoreline invasion to the environment and to the small community, as proposed in the docking improvement alternatives recently presented to the public.
The next regular meeting of Council will be held on Howe Island in August.
Of Community interest: Prior to the call to order for the Frontenac Islands July meeting, Councillor Springgay and CAO Darlene PLumley expressed delight, satisfaction and anticipation in advance of the community social event to be held at the Wolfe Island Community Centre grounds, and “Under the Roof” of the Rink where Wolfe Island’s many volunteers will be acknowledged and thanked for their efforts. Springgay reminded everyone of the importance of the Volunteer Appreciation Evening, while CAO Plumley expressed pleasure with the generosity of the sponsors and for the many prizes donated for the occasion. A light hearted moment on a warm summer evening.
Around Town: * WI Classic_ It was a beautiful day for the 36th WI Classic Race sponsored by the WI Community Medical Clinic. “Almost 450 runners and walkers registered,100 more than last year but still short of our record of 506,” according to president Linda Thomas. “WI’s Jack Posthumus our oldest runner at 89 completed the 5k run, but was missed in getting a medal, an error since corrected. Congrats to Jack and thanks to the faithful volunteers without whom the race wouldn't be the great time it is. Thanks to Pat and Tom who host everyone at the end of it. - seeing the puppies and being able to cool off in the lake is a wonderfully unique part of our WI Classic. See you next year.”
FYI: The Tri-Island Race Series is made up of 3 road races, the Howe Island Hustle 8k race in May, the WI Classic 5-10k in July and finally the Amherst Island Wooly Bully 5-10k races & 1k for kids Sun. Aug. 14, 2016. Runners who complete all 3 events will be awarded the Tri-Island Series medal. (Completing the 10k Wooly is required for the medal)
Coming Events: ** Fish Fry St. Margaret’s Hall Friday July 29th, 4:30 – 7:00 pm (Mike Mundell) Adults $15.00 Under 12- $6.00 Take-outs Available .Cash only at the door .***Friends of Ferals Garage Sale Sat. July 30th for a great cause. Have donations? Contact Cheryl Gurnsey at 613 385-1443. **WI BOAT CLUB 11th Annual Barrett Bay Regatta Sun. Aug. 21st. **Friends of WI Music Fesival Music Series July 21st, Margaret’s Hall The Barn Dogs & Kasador Show at 8pm Tickets $15.00 Grad Club, Fargo’s.

Posted by M Knott at 10:19 AM
July 06, 2016
Wolfe Island Ferry Study: Concerns Raised with MPP Sophie Kiwala

Wolfe Island Ferry Study: Concerns Raised with MPP Sophie Kiwala Frontenac Island Mayor Doyle, Councillor Barbara Springgay, and CAO Darlene Plumley met recently with MPP Sophie Kiwala to raise concerns regarding the Environmental Assessment Preliminary Design Study (dock improvements) for the Wolfe Island ferry service, recently released to the public for comment.

“The focus of the meeting with MPP Kiwala was on the large environmental foot print of the dock changes that were presented for the Marysville dock, which is a major deviation from the 2011 planning study portion of the Environmental Assessment, all without having been advised or asked for input on such major and unnecessary changes prior to MTO presenting the proposal to the public,” Mayor Doyle said following the meeting. Design alternatives were presented in June by the Morrison Hershfield study team, for docking improvements at the Dawson Point and Marysville terminals at a public Information Centre. The alternatives presented for Marysville eliminate entirely the ferry line in the village. Instead the 3 alternatives presented include major dock extensions (up to 500 ft. into the water) to accommodate all the vehicle marshalling and parking involved. The Dawson Point alternatives include major land acquisitions or extensions, similar to those proposed for Marysville, also into the water.

“We presented our position, that yes, changes are required at the Marysville dock to make it more accessible, to better handle walk on and bicycle traffic, with perhaps a ferry controlled light at Fargo's corner to speed up unloading of the ferry” , Doyle said. “ But the proposed changes presented (by the study team) would totally change the shoreline of our quaint little village, are unnecessary and financially unjustifiable. Too much.” Doyle noted that the township bylaw has been recently changed to better control and speed up loading of the ferry lineup. “We feel that once everyone does their part to live by the rules of the ferry line (well described with signs along the route), we will have no problem loading fast enough to keep the ferry on schedule,” adding that the bylaw officer and summer MTO staff will be encouraging this over the next few weeks. Mayor Doyle also noted discussion about the planned new 75 car ferry which, once in place, with the Wolfe Islander will allow more vehicles to leave the island requiring less parking in the village . “There is the need for a ferry Road 7051 rebuild to Dawson Point to handle commercial/agricultural/service truck traffic to and from the island.”

The reference material left with MPP Kiwala stresses the importance of promoting fiscally responsible options for improving the Wolfe Island ferry service, and its importance as an international link to the United States. It notes concerns raised by citizens, (environmental, costs etc.), proposes municipal alternatives including a Marysville and Dawson Point dock terminal for pedestrians. All is available on the township web site. Further Municipal concerns were also brought to MPP Kiwala’s attention (senior housing; school closures/amalgamation; OPP billing formula re wind towers; bio waste. MPP Kiwala said she will review Frontenac Islands- Wolfe Island Ward’s- concerns.

Coming Events: *Family Ball Tournament Sign Up at the WI Town Hall Sat. July 16th. **Anglican Parish Fund Raiser Fish Fry St. Margaret’s Hall, Friday July 29th Fish by Mike Mundell 4:30- 7pm Adults $15.00 **MUSIC SERIES…St. Margaret’s Hall July 21st. 7 pm ; August 5th.

Posted by M Knott at 10:13 AM