by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 24, 2007
Council Considers Draft Wind Tower Site Plan Bylaw

Clark Consulting Ltd.'s Bob Clark and Jennifer Current attended the Frontenac Islands October council meeting. They presented a draft Site Plan Control Bylaw for the 86 wind turbines planned for Wolfe Island for council’s consideration. Rob Miller of Canadian Hydro Developers was also present. The presentation came in advance of the CREC Environmental Review Report (ERR) expected to be completed and released to the public by the end of October or early November.

Clark reminded council members that the official plan amendment was approved; the decision from the Ontario Municipal Board is pending the final report of the ERR; and a couple of zoning issues have to be addressed with regard to the addition and subtraction of lands.

“The site control bylaw is adopted under the Planning Act,” Clark said. “No notice is required for council to adopt the by law and there is no appeal to its adoption, however upon application there is opportunity for appeal by the applicant. The draft has been reviewed by the Township solicitor Tim Wilkin and by Tim Birmingham , solicitor for Canadian Hydro. Our purpose in coming tonight was to offer you the opportunity to see the bylaw. We are not expecting you to adopt it at this time perhaps waiting for the release of the ERR for public comment.”

The principles Clark Consulting have used in developing the by law are: that we want a site plan and a bylaw to come before council that provides proof of compliance with the ERR and the zoning bylaw and, that it contain construction details for each turbine so that council understands all construction implications. With regard to the voluntary public notice and public meeting Clark suggested because of the number to be dealt with it might be worthwhile to schedule not only a formal public meeting but an informal open house on the same day to hear and answer concerns etc.

MS Current walked council members through the draft bylaw noting that all lands zoned for the use of wind plants, turbines, facilities etc. must obtain a site plan approval which addresses environmental requirements, complies with the ERR, and the Environmental Assessment act (monitoring, identification, colour, hedge rows…etc.) Rob Miller said CREC is targeting the end of October first week of November for the completion of the ERR followed by 30 days of formal public feed back and possible request for “bump up” which would result in further delays.

In other business: Three property zoning amendment applications were approved after much discussion about high water, flood plain and up rush levels, aggregate review requirements and the question and value of local knowledge regarding certain land issues. A further application of consent was also approved.

Council approved the appointment of a Frontenac County “Closed Meeting Investigator” effective Jan 1, 2008. This permits any person to request the investigation of a meeting or part of a meeting of a municipality or local board that was closed to the public and may be contrary to the Municipal Act.

Councillor Dennis Doyle spoke to the annual Big Sandy Bay Management Plan report and received council’s endorsement that he, one member of staff and Rick Lindgren (BSB Board member) present the report, including councils amended feedback, to the Ministry of Natural Resources. In the course of the discussion there were questions about land use permits, parking, operating budget, fees, who represents Ducks Unlimited, and the extent of MNR’s responsibility for monitoring programs.

Doyle also brought forward the Wolfe Island Information Centre Report, a request for funds, information re volunteer hours etc. which was set aside for the time being until a review can be had with the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association.

Township treasurer Christina Lott presented further information regarding the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation proposal (2/3 cost) to supply best possible broadband (internet) coverage (2 towers) for the township (1/3cost). She said that 3 service providers have expressed an interest in having space on the proposed towers. Mayor Vanden Hoek noted that businesses have indicated broadband is important to them. Staff was directed to enter into a funding agreement with FCFDC and come back to council with a plan for best coverage and financing.

*Council will establish a committee made up of two councillors (one from Wolfe, one from Howe) and 3 or 4 community representatives involved in tourism, to work with OMAFRA on the First Impressions Community Program. *Councillor Doyle has been nominated as an alternate to the Central Region Cataraqui Authority Source Protection Committee.
*Council also supported a City of Cornwall resolution asking the province to re-assume all provincially mandated Social Services and Court costs. *On Howe Island, all possible services hydro, etc. will be cancelled at their old Fire Hall. This follows the formal opening of the new Fire Hall.
*Problems still exist because of a blocked culvert on Howe Island Drive. *Councillor Fiene wonders why speed signs requested for Howe Island Drive are not there.
*Council wants small Howe Island ferry operating 12 months a year because of the problems with the island’s County operated ferry and are looking at ways that might be accomplished (MTO? County?).
*Council meets next on: Mon. Nov.12, 2008 on Wolfe Island 6:30 pm.

The following was NOT published in this week's Heritage
For your information:.* The Ontario Energy Board has issued an order granting CREC, (Canadian Hydro Developers) permission to construct the transmission facilities and 12.1 kilometres of single circuit 230 Kilovolt (kV) and sub marine electricity transmission line, which will be underground, connecting the Wolfe Island wind plant to the Hydro One Networks Gardner Transformer station. The OEB found the transmission line to be in the public interest. It’s approval is one of many permits Canadian Hydro is working to obtain for the Wolfe Island Wind Project.
*The free bus tour to see a wind farm in Lowville NY, via Horne’s Ferry organized by WIRE (W.I. residents for the Environment) and open to anyone who may or may not have seen a wind turbine was cancelled but will be rescheduled..
*The official opening of the NEW Howe Island Fire Hall took place recently. According to Mayor Vanden Hoek it was a wonderful event and brought out the whole community, guests and friends..
* The 8th Annual Wolfe Island PUMPKIN WEIGH-IN and AUTUMN SOCIAL, Photo Contest Winners Sat. OCTOBER 27th @ 11:00am at the Town Square. For Further Events:

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:32 PM
October 05, 2007
Wolfe Island & Frontenac County Ploughing Matches held on Wolfe Island

The site of the 2-day , 51st annual Wolfe Island Plowing Match held this year in conjunction with the Frontenac County’s Plowing match, at the island’s Pykeview Meadows farm was spectacular with its incredible view of Lake Ontario at one end, and rolling slopes to a view of Kingston in the distance at the other. The weather was perfect. People came from Lunenburg, Elgin, Osgoode, Kingston, Inverary, Portland, Napanee as well as Wolfe Island to plough. Judges for the event were Don Dodds of Seaforth & Ross MacGillivray of Dalkeith. Special thanks go out to the many businesses and individual sponsors of the event .

Men and women, younger and older came to plough with horse and tractor on newer models and antique. Friends, neighbours and island visitors came to cheer them on.

New this year was an Open Market Place offering opportunities to a group of enthusiastic vendors to sell, show or demonstrate any number of things. Farm machinery was also on display. And of course there was food. One booth sponsored by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute served muffins and homemade pies, an island favourite. Also Frank Van Hal’s ‘Corn Chucker’ was a favourite for the kids at this successful Island Ploughing Match.

The upcoming Ontario election brought NDP candidate Rick Downes and PC candidate Dr. John Rapin to the island. Dr. Rapin, raised on a farm, also took time, perched on a wagon to chuck hay into an antique threshing machine.

Trophies and awards, donated by businesses, industries & the W.I. Plowmen’s Association were presented to: Class #1 Horses:1.David Guitierrez 2. Marwin Antoine 3. Elswood Gamble; Class # 2 Juniors (under 14 years): 1. Hunter Chown 2. Jeremy Posthumus; Class # 4 Two-furrow: 1. Lee Grant 2. Everett Hogan 3. Dick Posthumus; Class # 6 Three-furrow: 1. John Posthumus 2. Tom Berry 3. Henry Posthumus; Class #7 Four-furrow: 1. Tom Woodman 2. Dave Woodman 3. Adam Pemberton; Class # 8 Ladies: 1. Rebecca Woodman 2. Wendy Grant; Class # 9 Antiques: 1. Jim Hulton 2. Peter Myers 3. Ben Greenwood; Class # 10: 1. Cole Chown 2. Reed Chown 3. Peter Van Hal; Youngest Plough person Reed Chown;
Oldest Plough person: John Posthumus;
Safety Practiced During Match: Frank & Linda Van Hal;
Best Dressed Horse: Marwin Antoine;
Best Plough Team: Kaye Fawcett;
Best Finish-Horse: Leo Greenwood;
Best Finish-Tractor: Jim Hulton;
Best Crown: David Guitierrez;
Champion Land of The Day: Jim Hulton.

*Apple Fest: hosted by Wolfe Island Early Year Centre, raised well over $1000. It brought out many families, friends and visitors from away to pick apples, fly kites, play games, press apples for cider and generally have fun on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Apple Crisp and Pies, both island favourites provided by the WI Women’s Institute were a crowd pleaser. Apple Fest was held at Peggy and Bruce Horne’s Orchard on Hwy 95. Watch for it next year.

*A Book Signing on Wolfe Island with Jane (Greenwood) Hall, author of “The Red Wall- A Woman in the RCMP”, sponsored by the Historical Society, will be held at island’s Community Hall Sunday, October 14th 1:00-4:00 p.m. The book presents a true story look inside the RCMP. Jane Hall, daughter of the late Carmel and D.J. Greenwood, graduated from Queen’s University before joining the RCMP in June 1977, retiring in 1998. Hall resides in Langley BC but is a frequent visitor to her Wolfe Island home.

*Living at the Barricades: A live taping of the CFRC 101.9 FM radio show ‘Living at the Barricades’ hosted by Lake Ontario Water Keeper Mark Mattson took place at the General Wolfe Hotel on Wolfe Island. Mattson interviewed Sarah McDermott and Peggy Mattson of Wolfe Island Residents for the Environment (WIRE), there to express their environmental concerns regarding the proposed island wind power plant and the agreement reached at a recent OMB hearing with Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation to mitigate those concerns.
Chris Brown, producer of the CD “At the Barricades”, which reflects efforts by artists committed to the fight for clean water, also was interviewed. Music followed with Chris Brown & the Citizens Band.

*And speaking about WATER: Water levels on Wolfe Island are, as of yesterday were below chart datum which means that the charts showing rocks, shoals, shorelines etc. are not accurate for boating purposes and more caution is required.
Whether there is enough water in Barrett’s Bay for the Wolfe Islander III to remain in the Marysville is always a contentious issue because a move to the winter dock affects the village. With water levels this low the ferry might have been moved. However there are problems at the winter dock which have to be fixed. ( At our house we have more beach area than we have ever had.)

This summer we had three granddaughters with us, city kids, accustomed to turning on taps and water flows, long showers, daily hair washing, laundry whenever etc. etc. Young people with no concept about wells, dug or drilled, shore wells or cisterns, having to treat water or buy water (except bottles for $1plus, frequently left unfinished), about water tables, or water levels in lakes and rivers or ponds drying up. Nor about the effort required to bring water to livestock or irrigate crops away from the water surrounding Wolfe Island, or for that matter about septic systems.

What a learning curve for them as we dictated a few rules. Short, timed, showers, not every day… imagine…. laundry once a week often in the city, use as few glasses and dishes as possible and accumulate for a single dishwasher load, no tap running for teeth brushing, fewer flushes, etc. etc. and BRITA water for their flasks. It wasn’t easy but they did it. Hopefully they will continue to understand, not only the importance of conserving water but be willing to fight to protect it.

As I look around the island and feel the heat of the sun day after day, see trees that are stressed from lack of rain, algae forming in the bays, land and rocks I have not seen before, and hear about the daily contamination of our lakes and rivers I, like you, am concerned. We all know clean water is the staff of life.
Very soon Frontenac Islands Council will deal with the question of water for Marysville. May their deliberations be sound. Best wishes to all this Thanksgiving 2007.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 04:53 PM