by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

November 18, 2007
Islander Again Denied Ploughed Road

Once again, at their November meeting chaired by Deputy Mayor Pat Norris, Frontenac Islands Council denied Simcoe Islander Carol Leonard’s request to have Nine Mile Point Road ploughed to her home. Leonard has approached council with the same request on at least eight occasions since 2003 when the township stopped ploughing Nine Mile Point Road from the ferry to the Light House ,where her home is located.

Leonard has owned her property since 1990 and has been a permanent resident for 5 years. Prior to her arrival the road was ploughed the entire length when requested by the Coast Guard and after her arrival until 2003 when the road designation was changed to Limited Service (OMB decision) on township maps, resulting in the snow plough turning around 1 km away from her home or/and leaving her to pay the annual bill for the last mile “ $550 one year, $750 another and $350 last year.” Hers is the only home on the township road not ploughed out. “I pay my taxes. It’s not fair,” she said.

Leonard believes the map changes happened without notification of a hearing and were based on false information. “ I implore you to take this opportunity to make things right,” she said. Councillors Fiene and Doyle felt road should be ploughed all the way., but a motion to instruct the Township to plough to the Light House was defeated. Leonard asked that she receive all documentation related to the road designation change. “I thought common sense might prevail,” she said.

In other business: Councillor Doyle brought council up to date on the interim Big Sandy Bay management plan noting a few ‘species at risk ‘changes. They are seeking a longer term management plan. Further meetings with Ducks Unlimited, Nature Conservancy and Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) are required with a “Go Forward” Public Meeting to be held in early 2008. Doyle said that there are problems with illegal ATV drivers on the beach. They are also looking at ways (money) to build a tower to overlook Black Lake.

In letter from MNR noted they had received inquiries about Big Sandy Bay, rules pertaining to its use, access, etc. and to that end, have developed a map for public distribution including information about the property, basic rules around use and access, obstruction of legal hunting, trapping, or fishing etc. The maps will be available at the Wolfe Island Town Hall and /or distributed by flyer.
*Letters from citizens requesting additional Wolfe Island ferry trips have been forwarded to Roger Harrison at MTO ,owns the service.
* A new agreement for summer rental (June-Sept. 2008) of the Community Hall for the Stone Heron Gallery offered to owner Pat Sanford.will include a rent increase and further changes.
*A meeting will be set up with WOW Document Preservation. Many old (1800’s) documents books have begun to fall apart.
* A number of issues on Howe Island need to be dealt with (land sales, ditches).Need to stockpile parts for Township ferry.
* Councillor Grant questions removal of “ no hunting signs” (8th,11th ) on Wolfe Island.
*Letters to congratulate M PP John Gerretsen, & thanks to Maureen Lollar, Remembrance Day planner. Council meets again: Dec. 10, 6:30 pm on Howe Island.
Remembrance Day: In his opening prayer and reflection at Wolfe Island’s Remembrance Day Service Fr. Raymond De Souza, pastor at Sacred Heart of Mary parish spoke of the death in Afghanistan of Kingston’s Captain Matthew Dawe and his funeral in Kingston. Fr. De Souza and Rev. Canon Chris Carr from the island’s Trinity Anglican had led that funeral service held at RMC. Speaking of that day and referring to scripture, where it is says, ‘one cannot but choose to die at the hands of mortals and to cherish the hope God gives of being raised again by him,” Father Raymond said, “If you have nothing to live for, you will have nothing to die for.”

Islanders listened as Connie Carr and Anna Lindgren, flanked by RMC cadets, read the ever growing island list of those who have died, served in the wars, peace keeping and ongoing conflicts. They heard poems of remembrance, watched the laying of wreaths including those by Colonel Jim Calvin ret. and Major Keith Walton ret., Merchant Navy veterans, R.F. Fawcett and Vern Yott, and observed two minutes of silence with the Last Post and Reveille played by student Celina Walker. The Closing prayer was offered by Canon Chris Carr. CEO Terry O’Shea led the ceremony.

Thank you’s were extended to event organizer, Maureen Lollar, and members of the WI Womens’ Institute.

Prior to singing O Canada and the reception that followed, Brian Johnson, President of the Historical Society presented the First World War medals of Sgt. George (Bruno) Spoor (late of Wolfe Island) to Councillor Wayne Grant, on behalf of the island. Spoor, born on the Island in 1894 joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 146 Battalion serving in Canada and England before his transfer in France to the 12th Battalion, Canadian Railway in 1917.

The medal collection was purchased on E Bay by Captain Sheldon Maerz, serving in Afghanistan at the time, who later was in touch with the Kingston Whig Standard’s Jordon Press, who in turn contacted the Wolfe Island Historical Society about the medals and the island connection. The society decided to purchase the medals, pictures and memorabilia and present them to the Township for preservation and safekeeping. An interesting aside is the fact that Captain Maerz served with Colonel Calvin in Bosnia.

Coming up: Snow Flake Fling, Santa Parade , Advent Readings & Carols, Christmas Arts & Crafts Sale, Darts, Euchre. Check

Of Special Interest: Canadian Hydro Developers (CREC) released and made available for review and comment the Final Environmental Review Report (ERR) for the Wolfe Island Wind Power on the Project’s website: from 19 November to 19 December, 2007. During review period copies of the ERR are available at the: Howe & Wolfe Township Offices; Clerk’s Office, Kingston City Hall; Frontenac County Public Libraries; Cape Vincent Municipal Office; MOE offices in Kingston & Toronto. All comments regarding the Wolfe Island Wind Project and/or ERR must be received no later than 4:30 pm on Dec. 19th and directed to: Robert Miller, Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation c/o Stantec Consulting Limited, 361 Southgate Drive, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 3M5.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 06:40 PM
November 14, 2007
Wolfe Island Wind Plant Transmission Line Approved

Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation, (CREC), a subsidiary of Canadian Hydro Developers was recently granted an application from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to proceed with the construction of an underground and submarine 12.1 kilometre electricity transmission line and associated facilities, connecting its Wolfe Island Wind Plant to Kingston’s Gardiner transformer station.
The Board found the transmission line to be in the public interest.
The single circuit 230 Kilovolt (kV) transmission line will extend from a new transformer station located on Wolfe Island to the Hydro One Networks Inc. (Hydro One) connecting with existing Hydro One 230 kV transmission grid to transport power.

According to Project Engineer Rob Miller, Canadian Hydro has considered the concerns of the community for the proposed underground transmission line and its routing east and north of the Water Treatment Plant and (southwest) outside of Paterson Park. “ This will create the least amount of interference with existing land use and roads in the City of Kingston.”

CREC successfully bid in the Ministry of Energy’s 2005 RFP for 1,000 MW of renewable energy and entered into a 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority to construct and operate a 198 MW (86 turbines) wind farm on Wolfe Island.
The OEB approval for the transmission line is one of many permits that Canadian Hydro is working to obtain as part of the Environmental Assessment process for the Wolfe Island Wind Plant.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 02:17 PM
November 05, 2007
Frontenac Islands Fall Round Up A Busy Time!

These have been busy, last of summer, fall is here and winter is coming, kind of days for Frontenac Islands. On Howe Island the long awaited NEW Fire Hall was officially opened in October. It is located adjacent to the island’s Municipal Building. The Township of Frontenac Islands

Howe Island Fire & Rescue was established in 1977 through the determination of dedicated volunteers, whose persistence and hard work was the foundation for the exceptional force and the strong Firefighters Association the island has today.
Howe Island Fire & Rescue is also a recognized Ministry of Health “Certified” Emergency Response Team, able to provide rapid response and offer medical assistance when required. It operated out of a former one room school house until the official ribbon cutting announcing the Grand Opening of the beautiful new building. Cutting the ribbon along with Fire Chief Mike Quinn was Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek and Deputy Mayor Pat Norris.

Ongoing problems with the Howe Island County ferry recently led Frontenac Islands council to inform the county that they would continue to run the small township ferry through the winter months in spite of an agreement for it to be out of service annually during the winter months . For more about the island and events, the Howe Island Ratepayers Association maintains a community website at .
On Wolfe Island the low water level has led to the annual move of the ferry from Marysville to the winter dock. The ferry, Wolfe Islander III maintains the same schedule but departs from Dawson Point some 3 km east of the village. The move was delayed because of issues with a leaning dolphin requiring some work.

The Dawson Point area including the ferry ramp has not escaped the ugly handiwork of the inevitable graphiti artists. A heated MTO trailer with a telephone serves as a waiting room, adjacent to a parking lot that is too small for the increasing numbers of island commuters who work in Kingston, and are forced to park side by side many metres back up the road. There is no transportation service to pick up commuters during the peak morning periods from Marysville or in the evening from the winter dock.
Which means, with an hourly ferry schedule, commuters need to arrive at the dock in good time to guarantee getting on, and in severe weather and heavy winds, so prevalent there, leave their engines running in the line up and (to avoid icing) on the ferry. All are no, no’s, in this new age of environmental concern.

And of course the ferry move, along with the winter shut down of the local bakery, Horne’s Ferry, the tourist information centre and the departure of cottagers, results in fewer visitors to the island, or for that matter, islanders using the local village services. But that in no way puts an end to island events.

*A Business Mixer hosted by the Wolfe Island Business & Tourism Association at the General Wolfe Hotel brought out OMAFRA’s Brian Ritchie, Frontenac County Economic Development Officer Deanna Bratina and from Frontenac CFDC Ann Prichard to mingle with business owners and operators, to hear about new initiatives and to simple enjoy the evening.
*WIBTA’s Information Centre coordinators Betty Doyle and Linda Bruckman hosted an afternoon event at the Doyle’s family home attended by Mayor Vanden Hoek to honour the many volunteers (37) who served at the centre throughout the summer. WIBTA relies on these enthusiastic volunteers to greet and welcome visitors to the island.
* Wolfe Island’s Darrell Niles owner and operator of Septic Solutions was an award winner for Frontenac Islands at this year’s Land O’ Lakes Marketing Vision Awards banquet spearheaded by Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association (LOLTA). The awards recognize businesses that help the entire area to prosper. Nominated by WIBTA, the award was presented by Linda Van Hal.
*Of particular significance to the community was a Book signing event with Jane Hall, author of “The Red Wall - A woman in the RCMP”., a true story look inside the RCMP. Originally from Wolfe Island, Jane Hall, the daughter of the late Carmel and D.J Greenwood, now resides in Langley, B.C.,but is still a frequent visitor to her family home. The event was hosted by the Wolfe Island Historical Society, supported by the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute. Sacred Heart school children created the beautiful banner and decorations for the hall.
*Don Sleeth of Camera Kingston was on hand to announce the 2007 Wolfe Island Photo Contest during the island’s annual Pumpkin Festival which in spite of ‘Iffy” weather was a great success. First prize winners only : Youth: Avery Walker; Historical Buildings: Peter Bowers ; Traditional Modes of Transportation: Maureen Kane; Big Sandy Bay: Deanna Mason; General Interest: Marilyn Grise. Look for more winners and Pumpkin fest news at:
*The Wolfe Island Residents for the Environment (WIRE) Bus Tour of a wind farm is slated for Nov. 17th. leaving from the Kingston dock at 12:30 pm. WIRE’s Information building is closed for the season but a WIRE Information Board is planned for Marysville.
*About now about the environment. The issues are many. The concerns are great. The water is low. Pollution fills the air. Sewage pollutes the water. Some want wind power. Others don’t. Some are for nuclear power. Many are opposed. Still others are for conservation. Others don’t see the point. To our long standing MPP John Gerretsen , good luck and perseverance in you new role as Environment Minister for Ontario.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 01:25 PM