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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

April 27, 2014
Life Saved on MS Wolfe Islander III, the Islandís Lifeline !

An early morning gathering was held at Kingston’s Wolfe Island Ferry Terminal recently bringing together Ministry of Transportation staff, Marine division employees, engineers, captains, mates, and crews, to acknowledge on the one hand the good work of those who worked so hard to keep the ferry service operational throughout a very difficult winter. And, on the other, to honour a crew of the Ferry Wolfe Islander III who utilized their emergency skills and saved the life of a Wolfe Islander. The team honoured was: Captain Robert Woodman and crew members: Aaron Koloseike, Arthur Emtage, Tony Hamilton, Brandon Greenwood, Reg Eves, and Kendall Niles. It was a private internal MTO event.
But as every one knows the Wolfe Island Ferry and everything about her, is that she is Wolfe Island’s Life Line, our bridge, our only route off the island and our route home again. We trust our lives to the ship and its crews . And this crew is credited with saving the life of Gus Brown , an islander who was on his way home, accompanied by family members following a visit to his wife Darlene who was in hospital at the time, when his heart stopped.
It is important to note here that MTO’s Eastern Ontario Region, recognized the importance of AED’s (automated external defibrillators) and initiated their installation on their ferries. The portable devices can check heart rhythm, and in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, (SCA), where the heart suddenly stops beating, They are used to try and restore a normal heart rhythm by sending an electric shock to the heart. Minutes count in the event of a SCA, causing death if not treated quickly. And In order to guarantee that someone “trained in how to use an AED” is on the ferry at all times, Ferry Supervisor Kevin O’Shea insisted that ALL crew members learn how to use the device and take the training course.
And it was a team effort where everything fell into place from the beginning that saved Gus who apparently suffered an SCA in his car. CPR was initiated by a family member. 911/ EMS services were alerted to the situation and Captain Woodman immediately turned back to Kingston. At the same time crew members moved quickly to bring out the ferry’s AED. Once hooked up, the AED assessed Gus’s condition and (2) electric shocks were administered and thankfully his heart rhythm was restored. Brown was transported to hospital in the waiting ambulance with a paramedic team ready to board the ferry as it arrived. It was like clock work, I’m told.
Following a stay in hospital Gus and his wife Darlene are now home. Their family continues to “express deep gratitude for the quick and positive response of the ferry crew of the Wolfe Islander.” Islanders too thank MTO and the crew of the Wolfe Islander … for saving a Life!

2. Ice Storm Clean Up : Islanders living by or near township roads on Howe, Simcoe and Wolfe Islands are taking full advantage of the Frontenac Islands Township’s brush clean up and chipping service. The township faced significant damage due to the December ice storm and hopes to have the clean up completed before roadside grass cutting begins.
Residents are expected to place their brush, cut and piled appropriately for one person to handle for pick up at township road shoulders by township trucks. And residents have been doing just that. It is amazing pile after pile of neatly arranged brush line the many public roads including #95 and #96. And each day as the township’s chipper is put to use the mountain of chipped wood rises to new heights, and is made available for residential use. Thanks…
The only complaint I’ve heard about the ‘welcomed cleanup’ comes from residents living on private roads who asked to take their brush to the nearest public roadside for pick up.

3. Pitch In 2014- Howe Island is holding a very well organized Pitch In Day cleaning up island roadsides with gloves and bags provided. The event is sponsored by the township and the Howe Island Ratepayers Association.
There was no formal set up for Pitch In week on Wolfe Island but Islanders much to their credit continue cleaning up sections of road they have done in the past, when they have the time. Take note that there are bags available for this purpose at the Township Roads Department building on Road #96

Around Town:*Horne’s Ferry is scheduled to begin service May 1st. * Slowly but surely Marysville is getting ready for the Tourist Season. Bike Rentals are already a “GO”.. *Fr. de Souza is in Rome. * Birds and more birds returning to the island. Swans in our bay . *The Blooming Gardeners, an association, is looking for additional members. Interested? Call Linda 385-1947

Coming Events:*WI Historical Society Speakers Series with Marc Seguin, ”For Safety of Navigation April 30th, 7:30 pm United Church Hall. * Foot Care & Para medicine Clinics May 5th * WI Community multi family yard sale! UNDER THE ROOF, on the ice pad at the WI Community Centre, May 3, 2014 from 8am - 1pm.*Euchre Thursday’s 7pm St. Margaret’s Hall.

Posted by M Knott at 11:08 AM
April 21, 2014
Choosing 3 Goals instead of 30 may prove Doable!!

As a result of a study KPMG study undertaken for Frontenac County Council and in response to one of its recommendations County Council, chose to begin developing a strategic plan of its own that was selective in terms of its priorities and in the number of priorities it might accomplish.
Working with the KPMG study, their county budget deliberations and upon a further priority goal setting exercise, County Council determined it was time to present the results in each of the county’s townships.
“We decided to present the three important county directions we had selected out of many, one being housing and transportation for seniors, another around financials/economic growth and the third to address long term waste management issues (post land fill closures).” Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle commented recently. Doyle is the County’s Deputy Warden.
“I am confident that some version of these three ideas will be passed by the county, perhaps some time in May, after getting township and public support,” Mayor Doyle said before the Frontenac Islands Special meeting held on Howe Island . It was held to review what has been dubbed Frontenac County’s Wildly Important Goals, and the priority process used to arrive at those three.\
The presentation was led by Todd MacDonald, from Performance Concepts. MacDonald stressed that limiting the number of goals, as opposed to ‘too’ many, makes those chosen achievable. He noted that county council in its priority choosing had “honed in on three fundamental challenges/ problems with a common theme, identified as a capacity gap in the county to find solutions on their own. “Political capital and focus will be required beyond the individual townships, and perhaps beyond the county for instance in the case of solid waste management,” a problem facing many communities in Ontario,” he said.
With regard to the goals:#1 Seniors Housing in each of 4 townships and Seniors Transportation to medical appointments etc. is to be accomplished by the end of the 2014-2018 term of County Council. A recently formed Seniors Task Force is already investigating seniors affordable housing and transportation issues.
#2 Solid Waste Management ( post land fill closures) in the County. The Eastern Ontario Wardens caucus will be informed of the extent of problem; The C County Council aims to coordinate a “made in Frontenac County “ position and financial plan on how to manage waste with municipalities, before the end of this term . #3 The burden of taxes calls for County and Township financial planning and stability. County council agrees to support economic development objectives and offer county services, (grants searches, finance, planning, etc.)
It seems the evolving strategy for Frontenac Council will be to coordinate and collaborate with the townships as required and ensure wise spending of taxpayers dollars for core services, Fairmont Home, Emergency Services and Transportation and other flow through funding to townships.
As the Q&A period began, Councillor Grant noted that seniors issues (specifically housing, health, transportation) are priorities for Frontenac Islands. The WI community Clinic built through community fund raising is very important for seniors health care on the island. “Howe Island in relation to the Seniors component of the strategic plan could benefit from Seniors Transportation component. ” Mayor Doyle said.
And as always, island ferry transportation was noted as Frontenac Islands greatest issue… regardless of the other 3…
Islanders are encouraged to watch for date and venue for County wide Public Meeting.

Around Town: Birds and More Birds returning to the Islands.. It wonderful. *Buds are daring to pop up through the cold, Most ice is gone from major bays although it keeps drifting by from who knows where. * Had a very large Otter wander down our road. Quite a surprise. Kelly was out in his boat yesterday, No doubt setting his commercial fishing nets. * Take Note that the Bloomin” Gardeners Group needs more members. Please Consider joining. Call Linda at 613-385-1947 *Rink under the Roof is being booked already for summer events.

Coming Events:* WI Historical Society Speakers event Wed. April 20 at 7 pm. Marc Seguin will ‎speak about the lighthouses between Kingston and Trenton on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario. *.Join us for year 2 of our massive multi family Wolfe Island yard sale! Wolfe Island Community Centre on the ice pad under the newly constructed roof! May 3 from 8-1!!! * Take note of a WI Round UP July 5&6 at the Rink… *And Ambush is coming WI Rink Dance July 18th… Watch for details of these events.

Posted by M Knott at 10:35 AM
April 06, 2014
Time to Consider benefits of the Wolfe Islandís CIP

Frontenac County’s Manager of Economic Development, Anne Marie Young, was on Wolfe Island this week to meet with Frontenac Islands CAO Darlene Lumley. Anne Marie, who is committed to promoting responsible and sustainable projects actions and development, took a few moments to talk about the Wolfe Island’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP). Frontenac Islands endorsed the proposal from Frontenac County for a CIP in Marysville in July 2012, with the planning process for the CIP beginning in late 2012 with many public meetings, and its final approval by Frontenac Islands Council on October 2013, a first for a small isolated rural community. With spring in the air, it was the right time to ask about the status of the CIP..
A CIP is a planning tool, to help communities address economic development and planning challenges in restoring lands, buildings and infrastructure. Encouraging community improvement, a CIP allows municipalities to provide financial assistance, incentives (grants, loans), to private sector property owners, as well as to undertake infrastructure (buildings) and public space (parks) improvements of its own. Frontenac County’s Sustainability Plan (Directions for our Future/ Sustainable Actions) has 13 focus areas and led to an initial CIP pilot project.

“Frontenac County Planners, Joe Galivan Peter Young and myself went around Marysville, meeting with business owners, introducing the CIP concept early on, and then again later in the process reminding them of its goals, objectives and financing. But it is time for us to go back to basics maybe, do a good refresher, she said noting that many changes had occurred at both the township and county that had perhaps put the CIP out of mind.” “If the island businesses are not behind the CIP objectives, you do not get the true buy- in that is possible, although there seems to be a lot going in Marysville. Perhaps we need to distribute a brochure that tells the story, what is available , how to define a project, apply for funding and maybe talk ideas. Often fresh eyes can see what maybe they cannot . We need to spend some time pounding the pavement, and work with staff to determine application eligibility. And this is the perfect time if façade improvement is going in Marysville, and township projects get underway and people see something is happening, others will want to get on board . If people have questions they should call me”, Young concluded.
FYI- Incentive grant programs defined in the CIP include:1. Façade Improvement, specifically targeting (appearance) of commercial/ residential buildings /property improvements in Marysville and Rd. #96 in CIP area. 2. Commercial space conversion funding to help new businesses looking to locate in the village core or in existing residential properties in CIP area, and financial assistance for projects creating new commercial/employment opportunities in existing buildings or additions. 3. A CIP Loan Program exists for eligible projects. 4. Also a Municipal Fees Grant Program. 5. The CIP also includes a Seniors Housing Incentive for costs of studies to consider new affordable seniors housing in Marysville. (Mayor Denis Doyle chairs Frontenac County’s Seniors Housing Committee, with Vice Chair Councillor John McDougall (South Frontenac). The Marysville CIP reflects the vision of council and the community providing a tool to encourage private investment. For more information contact: Anne Marie Young, Manager of Economic Development: 613-548-9400(330) Ayoung@FRONTENACCOUNTY.CA

2.Frontenac Islands announces Special Council Meeting
The Service Delivery and Organizational Review for Frontenac County included a recommendation that a strategic plan was needed. A consultant worked with county council to develop 3 high level directions. One is housing and transportation for seniors, the second focused on financials and economic development, and the third to address long term waste management issues. Special meetings are being held in each township to review these before being accepted by county council. The Frontenac Islands session will be held April 14 on Howe Island at April 3pm, before the regular township meeting at 6:30 pm..

Around Town: *Its wonderful knowing that when a medical crisis occurs on the ferry going home, the ferry will turn on route and immediately go back to the city. Even more comforting is knowing that crew are trained to operate the vessel’s Defibrillator and provide CPR. Thank you to those (crew and passengers) who acted quickly during a recent medical emergency. on the ferry. * The Herons and the Osprey are back. * The top of the WI rink is now covered, The skirt around it remains to be completed. Very Impressive. * Watch for Cyclists * The channel to Simcoe Island is now free of ice and the ferry is in service once again.
Coming Events.* The WI Historical Society announces a “Spring Break Up Concert, Performing Live on Wolfe Island-Lee Murdock , interpreter of Songs of the Great Lakes; Sat. April 12th at 7pm St. Margaret’s Hall . Tickets $12.00 at Mosier’s Store. For more information call 613.985.9583 or email:

Posted by M Knott at 10:01 AM