by Margaret Knott
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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

October 20, 2003
OSTAR Projects Update to be Repeated on Wolfe Island

Frontenac Islands Special Projects Coordinator Linda Van Hal was present to update Council on the progress of the original OSTAR funded special projects which Wolfe Island has undertaken and include Big Sandy Bay, the Wolfe Island Canal, the Community Centre and Sewage.
Other sources of funding include the W.I. Community Enhancement Fund, Provincial ministry contributions, donations of dollars, property, material, time and expertise.
The W.I. Business & Tourism Association has also undertaken certain projects including web site update/marketing materials/special events/ village beautification and is fund raising.

With regard to Big Sandy Bay the first phase of the trail into the site is complete, as well as a parking lot, fencing and the 1st phase of signage. Next steps include visit by the Nature Conservancy, creation of a committee for Friends of Big Sandy Bay, phase 2 of trail, a foot bridge, gate house etc. with the eventual opening to the public if all things fall into place as they should.
Regarding the Canal project, the Council committee has revised their original project, are now waiting for certain reports (biologist), will create a draft budget, reconstitute the committee, hold stakeholders meeting and further revise the project as necessary.

The Community Centre Board (a committee of council) negotiated with the Limestone Board to build a new playground, drafted a site plan, attempted to find water, and will prepare a budget for lights to present to council, also hold meetings re site plan.

Little progress regarding the Waste Water Management project.
The dollars and cents of all these projects will be presented again at the next Council meeting, Wolfe Island Town Hall, Monday, Nov. 3rd at 6:30 p.m. as requested by Councillor Chris Mattson.

In further business: MTO’s Heather Roebuck and Don Drackley from the IBI Group gave an overview of the Environmental Assessment and Traffic Analysis of Improvements to the Howe Island County Ferry reiterating the preferred alternative is a new vessel because no dry dock or replacement vessel would be required.
A new vessel will provide vehicle and weight capacity and meet existing and forecast traffic crossing needs. A Public Open House was held on Oct.16th. If there is no “bump-up” appeal, design and construction will begin with a possible launch in early summer 2004. Mayor Vanden Hoek noted that it has been a pleasure to work on this project “in such quick time.” This project in no way affects the on-going Howe Island Environmental Bridge assessment.
Recognizing that they must assist in providing adequate health care for the residents of Frontenac Islands Council supported the request of the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic to have the Township designated as an “Under Serviced Area.” Wolfe Island’s Medical Clinic is without a doctor and is closed.
Carl and Heather Lippert inquired about the status of a building permit on Howe Island and were advised that it is the Building Inspector who issues permits not council.
Wages of $125. per day worked were set for set for Deputy Returning Officers and Polling Clerks for the Municipal Election.
Aaron Koloseike will be hired as a Part Time Simcoe Island ferry operator ($12.50 per hour) upon receipt of certification documents from Transport Canada Marine.
An application made to sever two new cottage lots on Howe Island on property designated as agricultural in the Official plan has been deferred until the Township receives a report from Clark Consulting.

Council accepted the prices quoted by Cochrane Fuels to provide all fuel supplies for Frontenac Islands; approved livestock damage payouts; supported a resolution by the Village of Point Edward that the Province of Ontario increase funding for the Trillium Foundation to One Hundred and Fifty Million dollars; declared Nov. 5th “Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day” in the township. Next meeting Nov. 3rd Wolfe Island 6:30 p.m.

The Wolfe Island Fox Hunters Association is pleased with the out come of the Fox Trials held recently.. Visitors were hosted with Island hospitality and treated with wonderful weather for an event which brings hundred of dollars into the community. According to Chris Leeman , President of the WI Wildlife Association, $500. was placed in- trust for the children of the late Pernell Niles following the event .

Terry Fox Run: Marysville Public and Sacred Heart schools held their combined Terry Fox run for Cancer research recently. Marysville raised $1,379 and Sacred Heart $715.75. Marysville Principal Mrs. Seaton was impressed to see so many parents running walking and helping to cook. Congratulations.
And speaking of the schools, intra mural soccer is going on during the lunch hour grades 3-8 with Tim Sheffiels..More News: New play equipment at the W.I. Ernie Allen Playground is an initiative of the Limestone District School Board, the WI Community Centre Board and Marysville Public School.. Sara McDermott, donated $500.from the proceeds of the Summer Music Festival and also planted 5-6 trees at the site.

The Pumpkin Weigh In and Social organized by the W.I. Pumpkin Fest Committee has become a welcomed event with people of every age participating . In spite of the rain, events included poetry writing, pie and scare crow making, There were people involved as prize donors, wagon drivers with their horses, entertainers, this year Marionettes, judges, displays, decorators, volunteers and last but most important pumpkin carvers and growers. The List of winners in all events-biggest, smallest, best colour, shape, t decorated, carved, best pies and poetry will be posted at Fargo’s The Festival Committee has donated $350. to the Community Centre for trees and lights.

WIBTA’s Used Book Sale held Thanks Giving weekend was another success story and raised $1,430.

Around Town: Campaigning for Council has begun.. No “All Candidate Meeting” is planned (so far). Candidates Howe Island: Pat Norris, Paul Beseau, Carl Lippert, Geoff Hobbs. Wolfe Island: Wayne Grant, Chris Mattson, Lori Minton, Jim Calvin , Danny Hogan.

Coming Events:
1. Howe Island holds 3rd Annual Scare Crow Contest. Grand prize $100. Home Depot gift certificate for Best Entry. Prizes for scariest, funniest, most original. Judging Oct. 25th. For info: Pam Hughes 531-8631. Best viewing the week before Halloween so why not come over to the island.
2. Open House Reception celebrating the official opening of Gaia Power Inc.’s new office at 574 Princess Street, Suite 205 Kingston, Thursday, November 6th, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. R.S.V.P. by October 31st or 530-2100 ext 3
3. October 25th Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Doors open at 4:30 p.m

Please Note: While the Wolfe Island Medical Clinic is closed at the moment, the Clinic's Board of Directors continues its search for a DOCTOR and is following up on all leads. In the meantime watch for a Notice of a Flu Shot Clinic to be held on the island some time in November. M.K.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:11 AM
October 03, 2003
Congratulations to MPP John Gerretsen

Congratulations to John Gerretsen from Frontenac Islands
It certainly will be interesting to have an MPP on the government side. Interesting how our electoral system works. Slightly more than half the eligible voters and "with first past the post" system, it meant that 25% of eligible voters elected over 70 % of the Liberal Party. What is sad is that only 55% of all eligible voters voted at all.

Municipal Elections Not Far Behind
Municipal elections take place Monday, November 10, 2003. An Advance Poll will be held Sat. Nov. 8th at both the Wolfe & Howe Island Town Hall’s.

Running for a seat on council for Wolfe Island are Jim Calvin, Wayne Grant, Danny Hogan, Chris Mattson, Lori Minton. On Howe Island, Paul Beseau, Geoff Hobbs, Carl Lippert and Pat Norris. Jim Vanden Hoek with no opposition is acclaimed as Mayor of Frontenac Islands. I wonder what his platform would have been.

Mayor VandenHoekTalks About Frontenac Islands

Recently Mayor Vanden Hoek talked with me about Frontenac Islands. 1. What do you think of Kingston’s inclusion of a 3rd crossing across the Cataraqui River in its transportation plan? “There has been talk about bridges across the Cat and bridges to Wolfe Island with not much difference in how the debate has progressed. So it is good news that the city is considering this again, however our community has to continue its efforts for increased (transportation) capacity in conjunction with but not exclusive of the city’s efforts for a 3rd crossing.” 2. Provincial Relations? “The Township has had a a fair degree of success with the province in the last 3 years. We prepared a discussion paper with objectives and recommendations (which the province has not lost sight of and which will form part of a longer term solution). Wolfe Island got back the 2 a.m. trip increasing our capacity by 6%. We negotiated the Simcoe, Howe County and Howe Township ferry improvements. Once Howe Island decided to take advantage of the 5 year maintenance opportunity, they came to the table prepared and we had a signed MOU with MTO within 30 days. They didn’t pay anymore than they could afford to pay with no change in fares.” 3. Wolfe Island Ferry Service? “I’m hopeful that once the Wolfe Island transportation issue comes to the table and we bring our objectives, changes can be made that will be supported by the majority of the community. I believe we have to be flexible. Anyone who comes to the table and says I won’t accept anything but a relocated ferry; OR the village will die if the ferry is moved out of the village, OR we only want a lengthened boat OR we want no change at all is selling themselves short. I think we need to come to the table with an open mind, well prepared and with certain principles that we won’t compromise.” There is more of the Vanden Hoek interview held over for next time.

Need for Handicapped Parking Spaces Quickly Met
Recently two parking spaces along side the Wolfe Island ferry mainland dock in Kingston have been designated handicapped spots. While there are such allotted spaces at both Dawson Point and in Marysville such was not the case in Kingston.
At height of the tourist season Mr. John Gifford of Kingston planned to go to the island. However the ferry was full and to walk on required that he park close to the ferry. ”The student on duty found a place for me but I felt I should pursue the issue and wrote a letter to the Minister of Transportation, Frank Klees. “I received a hand written response from Minister Klees stating that it would be looked into.,” Gifford said. “Shortly thereafter I heard from MTO in Kingston notifying me that as of Sept. 5th a handicapped space had been set aside.” Gifford received a further letter of confirmation from the minister.
A Correction… The WIBTA BBQ held at Hornes point mentioned in my last column was attended by representatives of US Senator Charles Shumer and United States Congressman John McHugh, not by the Senator or the Congressman themselves as suggested.

Correction… In a recent article about the funeral of Fr. Eugene O’Reilly on Wolfe Island , I forgot to name brother in law Clifton Fargo, husband of Theresa , Fr. O’Reilly’s sister as being in attendance. My apology for any hurt this has caused.

Around Town: * A calendar featuring historical ferry pictures will be on sale in late October. The calendar results from work and research done by Norma O’Shea. * And speaking of Norma O’Shea., she has announced the closure of Hi-Lo Hickory Campgrounds at the end of this season.. Norma cites high improvement costs * Winners of the WIBTA Eagle are Tom Dickie and Sue Barker of Ottawa.* WIBTA Spring Bulb Sale now underway.* The Tourist Bureau remains open weekends, and also from10-3 pm weekdays until and including Thanksgiving and for special events..* Sacred Heart School Council has announced that it will hold its 2nd annual social in February.* Fifty people sent in 188 photos for the 3rd annual Photo Contest. Judging by The Whig’s Jack Chiang.* The Wolfe Island Early Years Drop In Centre at Sacred Heart School is open again week day mornings for Children age 0 - 6 and their parents. The Centre has an excellent new Coordinator, Erin White already on the job. Come see what the centre is all about. * WIBTA is holding its second book sale Thanksgiving weekend with hundreds of books at amazing prices at the Old Fire Hall Friday, Oct. 10th , 3 to 6 pm, and 10am-5 pm or until sold out. If you have books call Linda Thomas for pick up. *The WI Early Years Centre is looking for recipes for a fund raising cook book. Drop off recipes to Fargo’s or Ernie’s .* There is much concern over the lowering water levels. Wonder who takes it all?
Coming Events:
1. 2.WIBTA Used Book Sale Thanksgiving Weekend (11-13) at the Old Fire Hall. Book donations accepted at The Factory ( old cheese plant).
3.Winners of WIBTA’s 3rd Annual Photo Contest in conjunction with Camera Kingston will be announced at the Wolfe Island Community Hall Sat. Oct. 18th beginning at 10:30 a.m.
4. Wolfe Island United Church Turkey Supper Oct. 25th. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 08:54 AM