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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 29, 2008
Frontenac Islands Meetings Never Dull with Wind Towers on the Agenda

The July meeting was no exception where a full house gathered in the small Wolfe Island Town Hall meeting room for the required public meeting to hear two applications made by Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation. One for a zoning bylaw amendment to By-Law No. 28-2003, to add the Wind Plant Overlay (WP-H ) zone to 4 Wolfe Island properties to permit wind turbines and to remove the WP-H zoning from 2 properties on Simcoe Island. The 2nd Application was to permit the erection of two meteorological towers to be used for the monitoring of the Wolfe Island Wind Plant.

Present to explain the process were Clark Consulting’s Bob Clark and Jennifer Current. Ms. Current outlined the details of the 1st application, draft by-law, and the approval process. She said that originally turbines were indicated for Simcoe Island but that is no longer the case. CREC will have no towers on Simcoe Island. The additional four Wolfe Island properties were not part of the original zoning bylaw application notice but in 2006 CREC realized more property was needed and they optioned additional land, some of which was zoned in a further application in 2006 but without the latter four included. However the White, Scarthingmore Farms, Staley and CREC lands were included in the ERR as potential turbine sites. Current went on to show proposed turbine locations on these 4 properties, one turbine proposed for each property, set backs, etc. on a large map. Mr. John Uliana of the firm IBI Group, agent for the applicant, noted that Ms. Current had represented the facts to date and the 4 properties very well, adding that the 4 properties in question had been contemplated for the WP-8 zone and were part of the settlement with the OMB for CREC’s 86 turbine wind plant. Consultant Bob Clark noted that the Official Plan allows turbines on both Rural and Agriculture land but the bylaw must have the additional WP overlay. No request for a lay down area was made with this application.

Ms. Current explained the purpose of the July 24th site plan review meeting which provides an opportunity to see turbine locations, set backs etc. (some 76 applications thus far). While that meeting is not required by the Planning Act , following the OMB hearing CREC agreed to hold a public Open House to hear and consider comment from the public.

Mayor Vanden Hoek’s skills at controlling the intense, question and answer period that followed were put to the test. The questions and answers concerning both bylaws will be included with the minutes posted on the Frontenac Islands web site ( In the first case, Council a passed a By-Law to amend Schedule “D” of By-Law No. 28-2003
McIntosh Perry’s Ivan Duffy, the townships project consultant will post office hours and have site plan maps available. (613-385-1212), also available at the Canadian Hydro Office. In his report Duffy noted that road construction is underway.

CREC’s second application was a request to take down 3 (60 metre) existing meteorological towers and amend the WP holding zone (which remains in effect for any other development) to permit the construction of two 80 metre meteorological towers, (one on the east, the other one on the west). Council’s decision with this application is subject to appeal only by the applicant. Once again Mayor Vanden Hoek fielded the many questions, concerns, frustration and some anger relating to lighting, perceived lack of studies, alteration of land, set backs, tower technologies, distance from homes, bird kill from existing towers, height, access roads, and a need for more information. In this instance, the resolution put forward to council to allow the two meteorological towers was lost.
In Other Business: Dawn and Dean Wallace presented a compelling case concerning wind plant construction and public health and safety issues. They requested a 50km speed limit , a 4-way stop at 5th and Baseline, (close to where they live) fixed 7am-7 pm working hours including Lafarge, watered roads for dust control, transmission lines on the opposite side of the road, expressed concern about EMF’s (electro magnetic fields) distance from homes, noise pollution (truck vibration)and their care and concern for everyone in the community. Council will call for recommendations from the companies and township departments to deal with the issues. The public is urged to call Ivan Duffy with concerns.

Council amended a bylaw (making it permanent) dealing with the waste disposal assessment area. Development is not permitted within 30 metres of the perimeter of the fill area of the landfill site with the assessment area (500 m) measured from that perimeter.
Property owner Ian Millar asked council to open (to allow access to certain lots), build and maintain certain sections of roads in Marysville . It was concluded that road work would be borne by the developer with possible takeover if construction meets township standards.
The township will install marker buoys at the new public dock to help alleviate waterline concerns (silt, possible cutting) of Victoria Street residents.
Following a presentation by Wolfe Island Historical Society President Brian Johnson and members Ms. Victoria Stewart and Brian MacDonald, about the society’s plans for the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Village of Marysville on Aug. 23, 2008, Council not only will acknowledge the occasion but authorized a $2000. donation in support from the Community Enhancement fund.
Council is generally favourable to a mobile food service (Coffee Truck) to the Wind Plant construction sites proposed by resident Larry Greenwood. Staff will research the legislation and regulations for the venture. Council approved a tile drainage loan application made by Wolfe Island resident H. Posthumus. Council meets on Howe Island, Monday, Aug.11th, 6:30 pm.

Around Town: * A reminder! Community Euchre Thursdays, 7 pm. WI United Church Hall. *The Annual WI Family Ball Tournament will be held the Aug. 1-2, 2008 *A Barn Yard Sale will be held at The Foot, 5344 Hwy. #96 E Sat. Aug. 2nd 9-4 p.m. contact: C. Harroun 613-385-2041 * Howe Island was named #6 in the Province for per capita fundraising in the 2007 Terry Fox Run. Terry Fox Run 2008 Sunday, September 14th. *A sincere apology to Bill Boulter, (donator of the fire truck to Wolfe Island) for the incorrect spelling of his name in a recent paper. * For Events:

Frontenac Islands “Contracts Out” Financial Services to Frontenac County
The news that Frontenac Islands has requested a contract with Frontenac County to provide financial services has already made it to the front page of the Frontenac Gazette (July 22nd). And the possible transfer of the treasury functions was agenda item # 15 at Frontenac Island’s July 14th council meeting attended by Frontenac County Clerk/CAO Ms. Elizabeth Savill, and Ms. Marian Van Bruinessen, Frontenac County Treasurer.
With the departure of Frontenac Island’s treasurer, the job had been posted when the concept of contracting out began to take shape. It is fair to say, contracting with the County will eliminate the long held position of Treasurer at the local municipal level, a major change for council to grapple with. Councillor Doyle had a first discussion with County treasurer Ms. Van Bruinessen and a further meeting occurred between Frontenac Islands staff and County staff.
At the July Council meeting the discussion was about advantages and disadvantages of contracting out. “We have had one strategy in the past, Mayor Vanden Hoek said. “Shall we stay with it or move on?” Frontenac County CAO Savill outlined what the county can offer and possible requirements to do the job.
While Councillor Grant has some concerns and expressed a cautionary note, Councillor Fiene and Deputy Mayor Norris see many advantages to the county doing the core financials, accounts receivable, taxes, etc., etc. “This provides an opportunity to move forward,” Councillor Doyle observed. Frontenac Islands Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer and Planning Coordinator Carol Dwyre has no huge issue but wonders how it can work on a day to day basis “without both of us doing the work at least initially.” She wonders if residents will have more concerns with what they see as a third office. “We are already separated in many ways.”
“ If the work is going to be transferred to the county then all of it needs to go,” according to Clerk/CAO Terry O’Shea . He is opposed to the administrative person he will be hiring having anything to do with the transition. “Initially you will have to spend more time in the transfer than you think.” He recommended that the County provide a person to help during the transition noting there will be higher costs for equipment and salaries.
While not in complete agreement with CAO O’Shea, the Mayor said the agreement has to be all not half. “If we are going to be accountable it has to be very clear who is responsible for what or we could be losers on both ends. I believe the issue we are dealing with here is a bigger issue than some of the planning issues facing us. This is all about policy.”
Finally after some further discussion, council passed a resolution that directs Frontenac Islands staff to transition the treasury functions to Frontenac County as outlined by County staff at councils request. Other than Taxes the transition is to start immediately. The Tax file will begin by the end of September ensuring a smooth transition effective January 1, 2009.
A formal agreement will be developed by the Mayor and Clerk with the County outlining terms and conditions of this outsourcing. The work being undertaken by the County is on a cost-recovery basis. An Administrative person, as opposed to a Treasury person will be hired for Frontenac Islands. Deputy Mayor Norris requested a recorded vote. Councillor Grant -Nay, Deputy Mayor Norris -Yea, Councillor Doyle-Yea, Councillor Fiene-Yea, Mayor Vanden Hoek-Yea..

Posted by Margaret Knott at 04:31 PM
Well Known Islander Receives Award

In a moving tribute, Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek presented Mr. Everett Hogan with the “Senior of the Year” award on behalf of the township.
“Perhaps the Senior of the Year award is not appropriate for someone so full of life, so energetic, some one who does an incredible job in terms of his passion and his commitment to his community. You are truly someone I rely upon,” the mayor said. He presented a list of Everett’s involvements over the years with the Wolfe Island, Frontenac County and Ontario Plowmen’s associations, the WI Medical Clinic Board, 4-H Club leader, Sacred Heart Parish Council, minor baseball and hockey coach as well as numerous other farm and township organizations. And the mayor reminisced a little. He recalled when he was a member of the 4H Grain Club as a boy and Everett as a 4H leader going to the Vanden Hoek farm and walking through the fields with him telling him about wheat and barley.
“One other experience goes back seven or eight years when Everett was a tower of strength with his quiet guidance for council on the development of the Big Sandy Bay Area.
Mr Hogan accepted his award from Mayor VandenHoek outside on the steps of the Town Hall where his large family and friends had gathered for the occasion. ”I have enjoyed every group I have been associated with,” he said. “And I have enjoyed my community most of all. I hope some of my efforts have made things a little better than had I not been around. Thanks to everyone for choosing me as Senior of the Year. I will cherish this plaque and hang it in a place of honour in my home,” he concluded.
Everett is still actively involved as a member of the Big Sandy Bay Management Committee and as Livestock Valuator and Fence Viewer for the Township and with Sacred Heart Parish.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 04:19 PM
July 14, 2008
Dog Days of Summer Are Busy Days on Wolfe Island

Have you noticed that there is rarely a picture promoting Kingston, particularly during the summer months, that does not include the Wolfe Islander III ferry? As far as tourism is concerned, that’s great for Wolfe Island where the days and weekends are filled with events and activities just looking for people to attend. The Wolfe Islander III as well as Horne’s ferry service to Cape Vincent, NY, welcome visitors, those coming by car, walk-on’s, cyclists and those passing through, coming to play golf, pick strawberries in season, visit Big Sandy Bay or to stay awhile an at any one of a number of B & B’s.
But no matter how hard the crew of the Wolfe Islander III work to get the maximum number of vehicles on to the ferry, more often than not, from “school’s out” in June, to “school’s in,” in September” the ferry is constantly full with the many who walk on simply to enjoy the ferry ride and usually leaves cars behind.

The ‘down side’ of that scenario is traffic congestion in Marysville, parked cars everywhere, ( sometimes even left in the ferry traffic lane.) At the same time islanders who must take vehicles to work in Kingston, are forced to arrive very early if they hope to get on, or have 2 vehicles, one in the city and one on the island. All of which leads to frustration and anxiety and certainly does not work too well for those islanders driving service vehicles.

The ‘upside’ is that people do “Linger Longer” in Marysville where they wander the streets, look at the murals, check out the village gardens, visit the Information Centre, the Stone Heron gallery, the Craft Shop, Fairy Lane Studio, the Summer Dock studio where the WI Historical Society also has a corner, as well as the local stores, (the most recent being “Summer” a shop filled with an array of interesting stuff), restaurants, hotel and bakery, delight in ice cream or perhaps rent a bicycle.
Cottagers and summer residents, for the most part, are content to stay on the island once they get here, and use the ferry sparingly. And Canadian Hydro Developers (CREC) has developed a plan for bringing goods and services to the island for the wind farm that involves using two large barges and occasionally the Wolfe Islander III in off –hours. Year round Islanders generally grin and bear it as part of living on an island.

Around Town: The 29th annual Wolfe Island Classic 5k-10k Road race, brought 405 runners to the island. “ It lived up to its motto, tough course, great people.” Race Director Jim Gore said The weather was great, the volunteers and island residents enthusiastic and the runners happy with the race and with what they accomplished. Swimming from Pat and Tom’s shoreline was welcomed as was the hospitality the runners received at their home (fruit, water melon, yogurt, water) where winners were announced by the affable master of ceremonies Ken Keyes, with medals and prizes presented by WIBTA president Linda Thomas , Jim Gore, Linda Sutherland and Emma Pyke. Special prizes were presented to Doug Knowles (78), a participant in every race since its inception by Hank Connell 29 years ago. Runners ranged in age from 12 to 80 years. This year’s Kiddie race saw lots of spunk on the part of the children (2-6) and an increase in numbers. Thanks to the many generous sponsors and to all who contributed to the success of the event. Special Thanks to the “Running Room.”
The next running of the Wolfe Island Classic will be held Sunday July 5, 2009. For full race results : While the race was going on and into the afternoon a first “ Island Market” was held with revenues in some instances to support a number of island issues including the Medical Clinic. It is anticipated that with more vendors and with more advertising, the “Island Market” could become a regular event.

The Wolfe Island ‘Wind Farm’ Community Liaison Committee will hold a meeting at the United Church hall Wed. July 16 at 6:30 pm. For information: Canadian Hydro: 613-385-2045. Their hours are 9 am to 4 pm Mon.-Friday & 8 am –2pm Saturday. A new committee member, Leanne Cunningham has had to drop out due to a busy schedule. Anyone coming to the island will notice that road work for the wind project has begun in certain areas. Interesting to note that work is also underway at the Hydro Sub Station behind Home Depot on Gardiner’s Road. Noted recently, many visitors to the island from MTO and Frontenac County.

The Survey for the Wind Turbine Health Study, announce recently has not been distributed as yet. When it is, it will go to every island mailing address, residential and seasonal. Every attempt will also be made to reach those who work on the island but do not live there. The purpose of the survey is to study long-term health impacts, IF ANY, of wind turbines. Data will be collected prior to, during construction of and after the turbines are in operation. Questions to

Wolfe Island Business & Tourism will hold a meeting on Tuesday, July 15th at the United Church Hall at 7 pm. of interest to all Islanders have ever wondered about Community Endowment Funds- a novel idea that helps make good things happen in a community. Guest speaker Glenn Stresman, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Greater Kingston will explain how individuals and organizations can establish their own endowed funds, like the Wolfe Island Fund, to assist their community. He recently commented that “Community Foundations are often called the best kept secret in the charitable sector. And yet, the Community Foundation provided 7 grants totalling over $23,000 to Wolfe Island charities for their work last year and the Wolfe Island Plowmen’s Association and the Wolfe Island Women’s Institute received grants for 2008 projects.” For information: Linda Thomas 613-385-1947.
The WI Historical Society plans are proceeding for the Marysville Celebration, August 23rd. Mary Hinckley Hamilton will participate and give a talk on her ancestor “Aunt Polly”(Mary Hinckley Hitchcock) for whom the Village is named. For information: Victoria Stewart: 613-385-2934.

Rowing lessons at the new village dock. Look for posted signs with Times/Dates. A reminder: Frontenac Islands Council meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30 pm. More Coming events: Wolfe Island IS a busy place!

Wolfe Island Classic Draws 400 plus Runners to the Island
More than 400 runners ran in the 29 annual Wolfe Island Classic 5km-10km Road Race held on the island on Sunday July 6th. Good wind off the starting gate, tough going on the way back. Swimming at the end for those who cared to.
Overall winners
5km Male 5km Female age
Dylan O’ Sullivan 16, Harrowsmith Meg Casson 20, Kingston
Brant Stachel 17, Kingston Joyce Acton 48, Richmond
Kieran Day 15, Nepean Jenny Yang 18, Kingston

10 km Male 10km Female
Paul Leduc 36, Ajax Christine Coulter 33, Kingston
Jeff Davies 15, Kingston Jane Howe 39, Kingston
Adrian Marshall 16, Kingston Lauren Campbell 24, Kingston.
For complete race results:

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:48 AM
July 04, 2008
Wolfe Island Wind Farm Liaison Group to Ensure Two-way Flow of Information

The OMB decision (Oct./07minutes of settlement) regarding CREC, Canadian Hydro Developers Wolfe Island Wind Farm included a recommendation that CREC is to participate in a Community Liaison Group. The Group is to provide a forum for community comments, suggestions and complaints, if any, between the participants and to increase awareness of facts and issues as perceived by each group. If a dispute arises which the parties cannot resolve 3rd party mediation may be required to find a constructive solution. That recommendation was the basis for a recent community meeting sponsored by WIRE (WI residents for the environment) and very ably chaired by Peggy Smith along with CREC’s Mike Jablonicky, Manager of the Wind Project.

Smith said that it was time examine the make up of the Liaison committee and that to bring the community together to break down barriers that have developed. ”Sometimes discussing the wind power project at any public forum, can become a heated debate for and against but the idea tonite is to begin to talk as a community and to start to create a venue where it will be comfortable for every one to bring their concerns,”she said. She spoke of the number of government agencies, the level of frustatrion and anxiety in getting answers to questions and the importance of having Jablonicky on the committee. “It will not be a forum for complaints about the project in general, your legal rights, entitlement, etc. Those belong elsewhere,” she said. “The purpose is to address the broadbased questions and to get answers.“ Immediate concerns include hours of work and dudt control during road construction. She also spoke to the issue of mediation and the legal ramifications, who pays etc.

Smith said they had tried the committee format earlier with Sarah McDemott, Lynne Moore and Jason Pyke but it was her recommendation that there should be a fresh slate because the committee was seen as having two sides, for and against the project. The members will step down. Jason Pyke wondered about the need for the committee with Jablonicky now available. “Mike is the best of both worlds ,” he said. Smith said the Community Liaison group is a venue for everyone.
Mike Jablonicky said CREC “has an open door policy at our island location. I am anxious to work with committee and satisfy concerns and answer questions as they arise.” He noted: Project Operational hours will be Mon.-Sat. 7am- 7 pm. No construction Sunday’s. Working past 7 pm will not be the norm. Dust control: contractor to water (only) down roads regularly. Speed Limit of 30- 40 km will be enforced using a radar gun.(safety a major concern). All materials will arrive at Dawson Point. There will be a two barge system, (one will bring turbines only, the other, workers, trucks etc). two slips, (one at Kingston, another developed at Dawson Point), WI ferry use will be for a short time only, late night , off hours, always available for emergency ambulance calls. Kingston side parking lot will not be for use by project workers.

Comments –questions- concerns that arose: Communication –How? What about Press biasis? Is the group back door to an environmental review? What about delays? Is committee representative of whole community? Why no Council representation? Traffic, line up’s, ferry concerns? Dispute Resolution protocol by council? Environmental issues? Size of project? Industrial model? The role of the cmmittee in the community.

While the meeting was a good first step, it was obvious that anxiety, unease and doubt still remains for those who want the project to proceed and those who want changes. Volunteering for new Liaison Group were Ken White, Barbara Springay, Ruth Woodman, Leanne Cunningham and Chris Brown who will meet in the coming week. They will determine number of meetings, define their objectives and draft a protocol for proceeding, etc. In the mean time call Mike 613-217-7459. Dawn Wallace volunteered multi media services to the committee.
The meeting continued as Ms. Smith, not in her capacity as a lawyer, but based on her procedural knowledge, outlined the wind power project process to date, what has been achieved, outstanding issues, pre construction, appeal process, judicial review, federal process, panel review etc.
(Please note the headline in the June 16th Heritage stated that Canadian Hydro had requested a deferment of the zoning bylaw amendment applications while they detemine whether they will be withdrawn all together.)

Around Town:1. A Gift for the Island. The Wolfe Island Volunteer Fire Department has added another Fire Truck to its fleet. The 1977 American La France was a gift from Bill Boulter owner of Hichcock House. Bill from Webster New York where he is a member of the local Fire Committee bought and refurbished the truck as a gift for Wolfe Island. WI Fire Chief James White met Bill at the International Bridge recently and together they brought vehicle home to Wolfe Island. Clapping and cheers greeted them with siren blaring, driving off the ferry to the Town Hall where Bill formally presented the keys for the vehicle to Chief White. A gracious gift and a great day for the Volunteer Fire Department.
2. The Mosier and Kane famies wish to thank everyone who participated in the 5th annual Kane-Mosier Golf Tournament at the Riverfront Golf Course. The Wolfe Island recreation committee will receive the proceeds from the event.
3. Plans are underway to celebrate the 150 Anniversary of the Village of Marysville on Sat. August 23rd beginning at 11 am with a parade. The community and the many island groups are invited to participate, prepare floats, dress in the 1858 clothing of the day, attend events, enter hat contests, win prizes, attend a barbecue, dance at St. Margaret’s Hall, walking tours, children’s events, market, and so much more. For information and to participate call: Victoria Stewart: 613-385-2934.
4. Interesting to note that singer Sarah Harmer co-hosted a show with island resident Sarah McDermott about the WI Wind Project on CFRC Radio. A Whig article quotes Harmer as saying critics are not opposed to the project but want it downsized (15 towers) in northwest section of the island (environment, birds).
5. July 5th (Town Hall) 10 am Registration for Family Ball Tournament
6. WI Classic Road Race Sunday, July 6th. Island Market the same day. For a list of Wolfe Island events:

Posted by Margaret Knott at 10:06 AM