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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

July 29, 2004
CREC UPDATES Frontenac Islands Council

Frontenac Islands Council received an up date on the Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) proposal to construct a wind power project on Wolfe Island. CREC’s President Ian Baines said that there have been no objections from Wolfe Island residents to the project which would see 55, 2 mega watt wind turbines located across the western half of the island, 1/2 kilometres apart at the closest.

CREC is seeking an Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendment for the turbines and a transmission station at the 5th Line and Reeds Bay Road. Baines noted that the Township had been proactive in their Official Plan but the province had amended it. To get it back to what was the Township’s original intent requires the amendments.

”Whether we win or don’t win this first round (RFP) will have no impact on our long term strategy. We have applied to the independent market operator controlling the grid, to Hydro One and have received their approval, we have laid out the turbine farms, transmission line and the sound pressure measurements, and are in the process of obtaining rights of way. We will be here for the long run.” Baines said.

He noted that as technology improves CREC will reduce the number of turbines and the impact on the land but right now the number is 55 for this first go around. There is also the requirement for the under water cable to connect the island to the mainland. “What we are proposing is a win win situation driving Wolfe Island in an environmental direction with a potential for echo tourism.”

Council has advised Clark Consulting Service to prepare a pre-development agreement with CREC to ensure that the municipality’s costs associated with the review and processing of the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendment applications will be covered by CREC and that the estimates of costs and work schedule are approved.

Mayor Vanden Hoek reiterated council’s concerns regarding fees and assessments. “We need direction from the Province with clear policy and assessment criteria regarding fees, permits and taxation for wind farms. We don’t have any clear understanding of what unit or template is used for taxing making it difficult for us to do our due diligence if the province has not been forthcoming,” he said. “Maybe there is information out there because there are a few wind towers, but they are probably on crown land making them exempt so this is going to be a challenge for the municipality.”

(The concern with the use of private land for wind farms is that if there is special tax status available, it should come out of general revenue from the Province and full tax revenue should come into the municipality.) ”I don’t want to harm the process,” Vanden Hoek said, “but we need to be clearer on what we do. We have asked the treasurer Carol Dwyre to determine what kind of assessed revenue we would receive from 50 radio towers on Wolfe Island as an example.”

In other business: The 2004 budget and by law to levy taxes for the Township of Frontenac Islands was passed. Overall tax rates for Wolfe Island are up 1.39% over last year and down 8.2% on Howe. Assessment values increased on Wolfe 12.7%, 11.46% on Howe. Some of the budget highlights include approval for the hiring of administrative staff (1/2 year); a 3% wage increase for permanent staff (2004,5,6,); Council honorariums increased by $200. per year; policing estimates up $10,00; $2,100 each island for Fire Dept. audit. On Wolfe Island, a new grader (over 5 years); - reduction of $30,000 transferred from Hwy Reserve Fund; $2500 transferred to Fire capital reserve for truck; - $10,000 increase for fill at dump; Community Centre - $2500 for water line. The Library loan will be paid this year.

On Howe Island garbage is no longer a special charge and is included in tax rate; $3000 for demolition of ferry house (township); $67,550 transfer to roads capital reserve fund for surface treatment; $30,000 transfer to fire department capital reserve fund.

Chief Mike Quinn of the Howe Island Volunteer Fire Department presented a proposal for a new Fire Hall .. “We have identified our present and long term needs and our deficiencies and are finding our present facility inadequate for our purposes. We have put together a floor plan that includes space for ( vehicle, other) storage, training, administration etc .and looked at potential for Emergency First Response and perhaps a clinic,” the Chief said.

Councillor Norris and Councillor Hobbs believe this project should be moved forward. They met MP Peter Milliken on the island at which time he said he would get on side in whatever way he can .

Chief Quinn asked council to consider their request as a high priority through the infra structure program. “We need council to look at this sooner than later as more and more changes confront us.”

According to Councillor Hobbs realistically the cost would be $450,000. “I am usually fiscally responsible but if there is an opportunity with infrastructure grants and the government is willing to look at two projects, we need to give our fire fighters a building.”

Council has been considering an infrastructure grant proposal for the Canal Project. “The Canal project is moving on. Councillor Grant is not discouraged,” the Mayor said. Council agreed to wait until there has been some discussion and a positive response from one canal property owner to move forward with the canal application. If there is urgency for infrastructure grant submissions members will be polled or will meet about the applications for the Canal Project and the Fire Hall or just the Fire Hall as determined by the land owner’s decision.

Coming Events:
1. W.I.’s Corn Maze Opens Soon. For Info. Call 385-1998
2. Wolfe Island Artisans' 2nd annual Auction & Wine and Cheese Early Year’s fundraiser, August 5th, 6:30-10pm at Wolfe Manor B&B Tickets:$10 Call 385-1488 or 385-1920.
3. August 7th, W.I. Music Festival, Community Centre begins 4 p.m Tickets at gate: $15.
4. August 14th - Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. Events all day. For details: (613) 385-2540
5. Aug. 20th Molly Brant, a musical St. Margaret’s Hall 8 p.m. Parade 3:30 pm
Aug. 21st W.I. United Church Pork Barbecue Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:15 AM
July 15, 2004
What Was & What is Yet to Come

The secret’s out! Wolfe Island is a beautiful place to visit if you know where to look! The 1st Annual Wolfe Island Art in the Garden Tour sponsored by the Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Association, which brought together island artists and gardeners prepared to share the beauty of their work with the public was proof.

More than 300 persons wanting to see the island registered for the June 27th event. Because of its size different areas will be toured each year. This year’s tour comprised the area west of Marysville and Simcoe Island.

What a day it was as guests arrived from Kingston via the ferry, and began boarding buses at the Information Centre to visit 7 gardens on Wolfe Island and 4 on Simcoe Island. This latter included walking onto the Simcoe Island ferry causing some delays. “Well worth the wait” was the common refrain however.

The gardens included the DeRuiter’s, Wallace Cottage, Pyke’s, Wolfe Manor, DeVette’s family garden, Crother's and Rixten’s. On Simcoe, guests’ viewed “La Hacienda” property of Nancy Nowell and Mac Voisin, Goodfellow’s, Judy Reid & Duncan McDougall’s and Eves’ stone bordered array.

Displayed was the work of island artists Justin Simard, Melanie Reid, Patricia Sanford, Bruce Mellon, Nancy Steele, Jim Argo, John Muikow, John Eves, Linda Sutherland, Katherine Crothers, Cecilia Ellis, Christine Miller, Barb Halliday and 7-year-old Mary Ellen Goodfellow who loves to draw. Based on this year’s success the organizing committee is already planning next year’s Art in the Garden tour.

And if that was not enough the 24th Annual Wolfe Island Classic 5K 10K July 4th brought more than 400 runners to Wolfe Island. The event was a huge success with 390 participants finishing.

Race Director Sandy Hunter noted with thanks the support of the many sponsors including KRock 105 and the assistance of the Running Room in Kingston. Local volunteers were everywhere assisting with the many jobs required to make the event a success. The Ambulance Service was also on hand.
Once again Tom St. Laurent and Pat Downing shared their waterside property for the closing events and prize giving. Full results are available at:

And One More Success -The Stone Heron Gallery a collection of Frontenac Islands Artists (water colour, acrylic, carving, photography) opened July 1st at the Wolfe Island Community Hall with some 20 artists displaying their work.

Pat Sanford, gallery owner is delighted with the response of the community and the many off island visitors. W.I. Crafts Shop is also located in the building. The Summer Dock Studio (ceramics and contemporary art) is next door. Turn right off the ferry for all three.

So What’s Coming Next? MEET TOP MYSTERY WRITERS at Wolfe Island’s Scene of the Crime Mystery Festival Saturday Aug. 14th This annual event celebrates the Island's heritage as the birthplace of Canadian crime writing.

The full-day event includes lunch, a lecture on footprints by Canada's top forensic expert, a panel discussion, author interviews and readings and the presentation of the Grant Allen Award to Howard Engel. All that and a supper to meet writers Howard Engel, Alison Gordon, James Powell, H. Mel Malton, Barbara Fradkin, Wayne Grady, and Peter Sellers. Short story contest winners will be announced. Visitors can take the ferry from Kingston and walk to all events from the Island dock. For information visit For tickets and details call Maureen Lollar at 613-385-2540.

Guess Who’s Coming to Wolfe Island! Molly Brant, a one act musical narrative portrayal of the 18th Century Mohawk clan Matron, composed by Augusta Ceconi-Bates of Cape Vincent N.Y. will be presented at St. Margaret’s Hall on Friday, 20 August 2004 at 8:00 p.m.

Molly Brant was an aboriginal leader, a Loyalist and a prominent Kingston resident in the 18th Century. Trinity Anglican Parish sponsors the event in co-operation with T.W.O., Three Women Opera Productions.

Rhona Gale who portrays Molly Brant narrates her life in speech and in song as a clan matron, as wife, as a leader of the Iroquois, and in Cape Vincent and Kingston… She is accompanied by Carrie Wyatt, flute and Augusta Ceconni-Bates, piano.

Local youth will be readers, perform the minuet and a tribal dance. Local adults will be re-enactors. According to Ms. Bates representatives of the Brant family as well as Quinte Mohawk Dancers might attend.

A parade of the participants in costume will be held mid-afternoon August 20th beginning at the Community Centre to St. Margaret’s Hall and will include Royal Yorkers and members of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment Pipe Band.

Island antique car owners are invited to join the parade. For further information/tickets contact: Barbara Ilivall 385-8564 Tickets $5 ($2 for children 12 and under) also available from Fargo’s and Mosier's Convenience Store. Revenues will be shared with Trinity Anglican (their share going to the settlement fund for the residential school judgement).

Just One More: Wolfe Island Musicfest, at the Community Centre on Aug.7th beginning at 4p.m. features: The Rheostatics, Joel Plaskett, The Sadies, Andy Stochansky, Jill Barber, Jay Harris, Riff Raff, R.W.I. Band Tickets are $12.00 advance (Sarah McDermott 385-1562) or $15.00 at the gate Proceeds to Wolfe Island Community Centre

Around Town: CREC environmental screening open house for W.I. Wind project, Sacred Heart School 4pm-8pm July 20th * Business owners begin letter writing to province regarding new water regulations. *St. Philomena’s (Howe Island) Summer Steak Fry Sat. Aug. 7th at the Parish Hall. Tickets (Adults $12.00 Children 12 & under $6.00. Purchase tickets in advance from Parish Council members or at Howe’s Township Office. Commencing Aug.1st W.I. United Church Sunday Service Time changed. to 9:30 a.m.

Coming Events:
July 31st - Trinity Anglican Craft & Bake Sale, St. Margaret’s Hall 11 am– 1pm.
July 31st, Aug. 1st, Bizarre Bazaar 9 - 5 p.m,. at the W.I. Business Centre Inc. featuring Ecuadorian artisans Call Cindy Day 385-1902
July 30th,31st, Family Baseball Tournament, WI Community Centre Grounds
Aug. 6th - W.I. Artisans Silent Auction & Wine & Cheese 7:00 - 10pm, Wolfe Manor.Proceeds to Early Years. Call: 385-1589.
Aug. 7th Howe Island’s St. Philomena’s Summer Steak Fry
August 7th Summer Music Festival, W.I.Community Centre For tickets call: 385-1562
August 14th - Scene of the Crime Writer’s Festival. events all day. Call Maureen at (613) 385-2540
Aug. 14th All Western Horse Show, Community Centre Grounds 9.30 a.m.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 09:02 PM
July 09, 2004
Frontenac Islands Mayor Vanden Hoek Seeks Wind Farm Tax Answers

Wolfe Island: Frontenac Islands is seeking answers and firm direction from the Province regarding what tax revenues the township can derive from commercial wind farms on Wolfe Island.

In a letter to Minister of Municipal Affairs and MPP for Kingston and the Islands John Gerretsen, Mayor Vanden Hoek notes that agricultural land, managed forests, and wet lands all receive special tax status on the island which results in diminished revenue.

“We can ill afford another special status being established for wind farms,” he says. “We need direction from the Province with clear policy and assessment criteria regarding fees, permits and taxation. This is an important issue.”

Vanden Hoek reminded the minister that Wolfe Island has attracted the interest of wind energy developers (Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC)and Gaia Power Inc. (Gaia)/ Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative(HEC) who presently have six anemometers on the island and who will respond to the RFP (request for price) issued by the province due at the end of July.

“This is an urgent issue,” he said in a recent interview. “ My concern is that the province may grant some special status to alternative energy from a tax stand point. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as that special status is funded by all the residents of the province of Ontario. If they expect just the rural municipalities where these alternative energy sources are located to support that, then I am really not happy because I think it (alternative energy) is a desire and objective for all the people of Ontario not just for the folks in Wolfe Island or Quinte or Kincardine.

If there is special tax status going to be available, then that should come out of general revenue from the Province and we should still have a full tax revenue coming into these rural municipalities,” according to the mayor.

Wolfe Island will continue to work on the basis that there would be the traditional application of fees/permits and established commercial and industrial rates relative to the development of green power (wind farms) but there is the underlying fear that unless there is clear direction from the Province the developers may be working at a disadvantage.

Wolfe Island Classic Road Race … 24 Years and Growing
In spite of an ambulance call which delayed the arrival of the ferry bringing runners from Kingston, the 24th annual 5& 10 K run on Wolfe Island was a huge success.

The weather was perfect and the lake very inviting for at least some of the 390 participants who completed the course and jumped in to cool off. More than 400 were registered for this year's event.

Twenty year-old Deng Kuol of Kingston won the 10k in this years with the best time, 32:34, since Steve Boyd of Toronto ran the course in 30:37 in 1999.

Randy Bratten, who drove the lead motorcycle for the 24th annual “Classic” was amazed at the ease with which Kuol ran the course, “if he had a competitor to push him he could easily have take another 2 minutes off his time” said Bratten.

In the women's 5k Christine Coulter came back to the Island to reclaim her title in 19:12, beating last year’s winner Suzette Taggart by 40 seconds. Coulter won the 2002 edition in 18:58.

Race Results:

Men 10k
1. Deng Kuol 32:34 Kingston
2. Travis Cummings 34:36 Kingston
3. Derrick Spafford 36:49 Yarker

Women 10k
1. Kim Hall 43:56 Kingston
2. Teresa Kauffman 44:41 Wilmington, Delaware
3. Marcy Witherington 45:02 Clayton, New York

Men 5k
1. Kevin Dunbar 16:47 Kingston
2. Bruce Pardy 17:29 Kingston
3. Micheal Joyce 17:35 Kingston

Women 5k
1. Christine Coulter 19:12 Kingston
2. Suzette Taggart 19:52 Kingston
3. Margarita Sviajina 20:17 Kingston

Full results are available at: Sports Stats.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:38 AM
July 01, 2004
Frontenac Islands Budget Reaches Final Stages

A Budget meeting held prior to the regular June meeting of Frontenac Island Council suggests a decrease in the mill rate for Howe Island ward and a slight increase for Wolfe Island. However not all figures for the township’s budget had been finalized specifically those for the Community Centre Board.

Mayor Vanden Hoek said that in 2003 there was a change in the partnership with the CCB. “ We made a number of commitments to the Community Centre Board. We would no longer use their fund raising money for operating. We will honour our 2003 commitment from the community enhancement fund for ball diamond lights, which will have no effect on the mill rate.”

Further to budget talks it was noted that comparisons of fees, taxes etc. are comparable across all 4 townships but slight changes are needed for Frontenac Islands. These will be dealt with at the July meeting at which time the budget will be presented.

The regular meeting saw the passage of a number of variances, approval for a chip wagon on Howe Island, the acceptance of quotes for roadside mowing on Wolfe Island by Frank Van Hal, W. Sjonger, Tom Berry and D. Woodman and a verbal quote from Ron Goldfield on Howe Island.

Brian MacDonald was present on behalf of Mrs. K. Kyle, President of Kyleview Farms Inc. to request that council grant an easement to Mr & Mrs. K. Miller to accommodate an existing shore well and water line constructed in error on Township property instead of leased Kyleview property many years ago.

The mistake came to light because the property was being surveyed for sale. A lengthy discussion ensued but finally the Miller’s were granted a 20’ easement for that purpose provided all costs are borne by Kyleview Farms Inc.

Councillor Calvin expressed concern with what happens in the future with this sort of easement, the loss of waterfront property, road closures etc.” Hypothetically would we be having this discussion if this happened 3 months ago instead of 20 years ago, would we just give an easement because someone made a mistake or would we say, you should have done better and move it?” Calvin asks. “We would say move it,” the mayor assured him.

The township will not reimburse Mark Freeman for repairs for damage to his vehicle because of a rough road Howe Island. The lease for use of Sacred Heart Church parking lot was passed.

In other business: *Councillor Calvin said the Big Sandy Bay Open House was a great success. There is some concern about the vehicular speed on Reeds Bay Road. *The mayor commented on the new County ferry visit to Hamilton (expected Aug. 28th delivery date). An official said it was a great accomplishment and was happening because Howe Islanders came to the table with money which is unusual for the islands. *Thanks to Garden Buds group for signs and flower planting on Howe. *Councillor Norris stated that MP Peter Milliken had said on Howe Island that it was in order to file two infrastructure applications. Next Regular Meeting: July12th 7:30 p.m. Wolfe Island.

Disgruntled Wolfe Island Busness Owners Hear New Water Regulation: Frontenac County Community Development Officer Karen Fischer introduced Jim Mahoney, MOE Drinking Water Inspection program Supervisor to a group of small business owners on Wolfe Island.

He gave an overview of regulatory requirements for non-municipal, public, designated large and small non residential etc. systems outlining treatment requirements ( Ground water disinfection, surface water chemically assisted filtration, point of entry) and deadlines, sampling and operational requirements, posting notices, treatment and trained person operation, Section 8 exemptions,engineering evaluation reports, sampling requirements, annual reports and so much more.

Bill Vander Wilp from MacLellan Water Technology Ltd. Outlined costs for site inspection, sampling, equipment etc.

“ It’s ridiculous. We might as well close our doors,” Sandy McCready , owner and operator of McCready cottages said. “The financial burden will be too heavy. We have been drinking the water forever and testing it. Is the government going to help support us?” (Sampling by the Health Unit can only be done for home owners). All other business sampling must be done by testing labs (2 in Kingston) at very high costs.

It was noted that with higher insurance, property tax and assessment small businesses will have to close if they pass water costs on to customers.

Jim Mahoney said now was the time to make the case to the government since the regulation has just been promulgated. Something has to appear on the the Environmental Bill of Rights before the end of September.

“This has not been a transparent process. We hear what we have to do,” Ms. Fischer said. “Now is the time to formulate our position through the County. We can’t afford to loose small businesses because of these new water regulations We need to take a stand and get our ideas and solutions to the ministry. We have a small window of opportunity to respond.”

Jan Hasselaar said that a submission from the County would be very important noting we are not alone with this problem and the costs involved, and with no help.

Ms. Fischer as well as Cindy Day, WIBTA Vice President, indicated their willingness to work on the project and to call a further meeting .

Around Town: Mrs. Theresa Broeders was awarded 2nd prize for a “Historical Picture Tour of My Community” Wolfe Island at the FWIO (Federated women's institute of Ontario) 2004 provincial conference at Durham College in Oshawa . *Chris MacDonald, graduating student at Regiopolis Notre Dame was this year’s recipient of the Baker award.*Leaving for high school in September are eight, Grade 8 graduates at Sacred Heart School. Valedictorians were Jason Pyke (Marysville) & Matt Broeders (Sacred Heart) *Congratulations to Cathie Herroun who recently became a Canadian citizen. * I simply do not have enough space to tell you about the incredible 1st Art in the Garden Tour which took place on Wolfe Island attended by close to 300 people from Kingston, Toronto, Cape Vincent, Bloomfield and many other places.

Coming Event
1. July 1st - Stone Heron Gallery Opens at the Community Hall
2. July 4th—WIBTA’s Wolfe Island Classic 5km-10km check
3. July 16th - Toronto’s Triumph Car Club Tours Wolfe Island
4. July17th & Aug. 7th Western Horse Show dates 9:30 a.m. at W.I. Community Centre Grounds
6. Aug. 7th Howe Island’s St. Philomena’s Summer Steak Fry Purchase tickets in advance.

Posted by Margaret Knott at 11:26 AM