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Annual Archives
Margaret Knott's What's New on Frontenac Islands articles appear with the kind permission of the The Kingston Heritage Newspaper.

June 08, 2017
Coming to Marysville on Wolfe Island? Consider This...

As Wolfe Island gears up for the busy summer season of activities and events, I was struck at just how busy the island already is. So much activity at the Wolfe Island Grill, with boats coming this way to make use of the new docks that were stored over the winter, and now are in place in spite of the still high water levels. And it’s a similar situation at the General Wolfe Inn. With their doors now open most days, and work progressing beautifully at the dock side the area is alive with people. And the WI Bakery , the WI Pub and Pizzeria, and Fargo’s Store, continue as important places to go. Along with the WI Information Centre, the Stone Heron Gallery, opening once again in the WI Township Community Hall for the summer, the “Old House” Museum, the Dreamcatcher B&B, Bill Speers “Cycle Wolfe Island” bicycle rental, and the WI Boat Club, all are on Main Street. And with the WI Community Garden and the Community Centre Grounds, (ball diamonds, covered rink, horse ring etc.) where the WI Music Festival takes place, ALL ARE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF THE FERRY, requiring NO Vehicle to get there, if physically able.

Of course there are important locations all over the island, too numerous to mention, requiring transportation to get there. For instance Big Sandy Bay, presently closed due to high water, and the international crossing to Cape Vincent via Horne's Ferry, and Riverfront Golf , the Corn Maze…..

During the summer months the population of Wolfe Island increases from 1400 to perhaps 3000, when cottagers and summer residents return. That alone increases traffic on the ferry. But already this early in the season the lineups are long both sides, often leaving vehicles behind, not just on weekends. Add to that Emergency Calls causing the ferry to go off schedule. With no stop light in the village when the ferry unloads, and non synchronized lights in Kingston, how can it stay on schedule? Consider too all the service vehicles, agricultural, construction, and the transport of water, waste, fuel etc., that must come and go to the island.

Wolfe Island welcomes visitors to the island any time of year, to share in what it has to offer. But, if you coming this time of year to visit the village of Marysville specifically, and do not require a vehicle please consider leaving your vehicle behind in Kingston, and walk-on the ferry.

B. Lake Ontario Water Keeper- A delegation from Lake Ontario Water Keeper will attend Frontenac Islands June council meeting to inform council of the schedule for a seven week celebration of the Great Lakes, The Kingston & Wolfe Island Culture Festival . Through story and song, it will begin with the Wolfe Island Festival the Arts by Dave Bidini, and end with the Wolfe Island Music Festival, organized by Virginia Clark . They will seek council’s input into what other areas of the island can be promoted during the festival. The Kingston and Wolfe Island Festival will feature the art, history science and nature of the area to foster new connections with water. The themes of each week will look at how Wolfe Island, and Kingston, provide an example “ of all that the Great Lakes can provide in swimmable, drinkable, fishable future.”
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a Canadian charity aimed at keeping the province’s water systems clean. ,It is part of Robert F. Kennedy , Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance, to ensure waterways worldwide are protected. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper was founded in 2001 by Mark Mattson and Kingston’s Kristyn Tully, following the water tragedy in Walkerton Ontario, where Mark had served as counsel for a public interest environmental group. At about the same time there was a terrible sewage spill in Kingston that fouled Wolfe Island shores and waters. Mark, a lawyer, grew up spending summers swimming and fishing on Wolfe Island, where his family has owned property since the 1800’s. Watch for details of the Kingston and Wolfe Island Culture Festival (KWICF).

Around Town: **Wolfe Island Fire & Rescue have issued a letter outlining the costs of required equipment with thanks for donations. It reminded resident that the WI service is a volunteer department and required to have the same equipment as career fire fighters, ensuring resident safety but that of the fire fighters as well. It noted that a new Hurst Jaw for Life tool cost $13,000, pads for defibrillators cost $200 each, and bunker suits, good only for 10 years, cost $2,300. “You can see how important your donations are,” the letter said. ** Work is well underway at the site of the Senior Apartment Project in spite of rain earlier in the week. ** Linda Thomas spoke on behalf of the WI Feral Cat group on CBC radio morning about the successes and benefits for the cats. Worth a listen. Islanders have cared for feral cats for many years. ** Water levels remain high. Concern raised with the Big Sandy Bay sensitive sand dune erosion , and the no beach situation. *** (By the way, cycling Wolfe Island is becoming more and more popular (reserve your bike at 613-385-2240

COMING EVENTS:** WI’s 1st Annual Garden Party, June 15,16, 17th. Wrist bands available at businesses, & tourist centre. ** Severance restrictions meetings. Tues, June 20th 6:30PM Howe Island Municipal Bldg; Thurs. June 22nd 6:30 pm, WI Town Hall. **The Kingston & Wolfe Island Culture Festival: June 23 - August 12, 2017. ***Wolfe Island Classic Race & Kiddie kilometer Sun. July 2nd. Visit ***Canada Day Pancake Breakfast July 1st

Posted by M Knott at 11:55 AM
June 01, 2017
Frontenac lslands Township Issues Latest Status Report

On May 31st the Township of Frontenac Islands issued a status report with regard to flooding conditions on Simcoe Wolfe and Howe Islands. This follows the issuance of the Emergency Response Plan, and Declaration of Emergency with the Province, as a means of protecting health, welfare and property of islanders at this time.
The current update lists health and safety issues as of most concern and advises residents to be aware of high levels of bacteria in the water, and to continue getting water tested. Bottles remain available at the township offices but now must be dropped off at the Public Health Kingston Lab at 181 Barrie Street. Sand bagging continues with sand available at Wolfe and Howe in the event of high winds. No evacuations have been necessary.
The Simcoe Ferry is operational with large sand bags on the docks both sides to allow operation during high winds and wave uprush. The Howe Island foot ferry is currently running on a reduced schedule and carrying a ¾ ton truck for ballast. It is restricted to two vehicles and reduced hours. Big Sandy Bay remains closed. Water on roads shows little reduction

Wolfe Island Garden Party: The 15th,16th and 17th of June are the dates of the 1st Annual Wolfe Island Garden Party, presented by ‘Wolfe Island Records’ and ‘Wolfe Island Spring’. Wolfe Island Records (located on the Island) has been involved in the development of The Garden Party, a weekend and in association with the Wolfe Island Craft Brewery, and the Wolfe Island Grill will present a weekend of culture, music, agriculture and art and a number of events promoting music, local food production and sustainable farming. The event has received support from the Township of Frontenac Islands, Frontenac County, and CFDC
A beautiful brochure has been created with much thought, much colour and a delightful play list of events announcing the Wolfe Island Garden Party, in support of the Wolfe Island Community Garden(s). It is a wonderful invitation to join Islanders on those dates at the Wolfe Island Grill on Thursday June 15th at 8:30pm, for a Listening Party of new releases by David Corley and Hugh Christopher Brown. And on Friday June 16th for Live Music at The Wolfe Island Grill , General Wolfe Inn, and the Wolfe Island Pub & Pizzeria, also beginning at 8:30 pm
Saturday offers a variety of events beginning at 11 am with Family Music with ‘Butterfingers’ at the dock of the Wolfe Island Boat Club. A Wolfe Island Grill ‘Bar B Que’ will feature locally sourced food. A panel discussion on the opportunities and the challenges for local food and agriculture on the island (1PM-2:30PM) follows at the General Wolfe Inn, hosted by Frontenac County Economic Development.

A map will be available indicating the locations of open houses, farm locations, gardens and music workshops. Coming by ferry, visitors are urged to leave cars behind , walk on to the ferry, and to walk, cycle or hop on a wagon to visit the different locations and meet the exciting people who operate them, whether an artist, an organic master gardener, a photographer, a sheep farmer, an artist and many more. Live music continues at the same three venues the Wolfe Island Grill, General Wolfe Inn and the WI Pub & Pizzeria that evening. Weekend passes are $20. Children free with all proceeds going to the Wolfe Island Community Garden(s). Wristbands will be available at local businesses and the Wolfe Island Tourist office in advance. An email address is being created by which to reserve…stay tuned for that at the WI Network on Facebook. All kinds of work is underway on the outdoor patios, and in completing seasonal boat docking spots at the WI Gril,l and the Inn in preparation for the Garden Party weekend and summer generally. Exciting times.

COMING EVENTS: **Open House meetings to receive public comment on the restriction of severances in rural areas and proposed amendments to Official Plan Policy, Section 6.3.3. Tues, June 20th 6;30-6 PM Howe Island Municipal Bldg. and Thurs. June 22nd 6:30-8 pm, Wolfe Island Town Hall. **The Kingston & Wolfe Island Culture Festival: a celebration of Great Lakes Voices Events throughout Kingston and Wolfe Island June 23 - August 12, 2017

Posted by M Knott at 01:03 PM